About Us

From the very moment that Kirstie and I got married, we got used to getting our butts kicked by life. Health problems, crushing medical debt, still in school, unable to buy groceries, let alone afford to have fun and be happy…

But wait…since, when did being happy, have a price tag? Or, as we learned, since when do we measure our happiness based on whether other people think we should be happy?

What if, we asked ourselves, happiness wasn’t related to our finances, our looks, or our weight. What if happiness…was just happiness?

From that point on, we set about living our lives as happily and fully as possible and helping others do the same.

The idea of this blog

Maybe it was our early married life that did it, but Kirstie and I have always been extremely sensitive to people whose needs aren’t being met. Neither of us grew up rich and we learned to value every item we had and carefully weigh each purchase. When we were in our early 20’s we packed that mentality into a suitcase, caught a plane, and spent the next several years doing service in Africa. It was perhaps there that we learned of an underserved minority and came up with our next journey.

While we were volunteering at a local hospital and distributing donated wheelchairs, we had the unpleasant duty of turning away dozens of people because we didn’t have a wheelchair that would fit them, let alone a hospital bed or even a chair. Obesity is an overwhelming problem in Africa and through the entire world and, as we learned, the products just aren’t there to make heavy people’s lives easier!

Every time we would try and help someone overweight outfit their house or get items they needed we were met with the same propaganda, LOSE WEIGHT! HERE’S HOW TO DO IT! It was as if people were uncomfortable with other humans who were heavy and didn’t want to make products for them, giving them “permission” to be fat. Well, since when did a person have to be skinny to live a comfortable and enjoyable life?

Whether or not a person is happy in their current skin, we are of the opinion that everyone deserves to have what they need to be comfortable and happy NOW. Not at some future date after achieving a milestone. So we set out to build this site and community with one view: find and test the best products available for large and heavy people. Eventually, we hope to build the clout necessary to influence companies and brand creates more needed products so join with us!