Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DesignBigger all about?

DesignBigger is a community that we built with one purpose in mind: to make the lives of big and tall people easier. Whether you classify yourself as big, heavy, tall, fat, obese, short, etc. you have probably noticed that “normal-sized” products just don’t cut it for you. Well, instead of cramming yourself into a too-small recliner, or perching on the edge of a chair so it doesn’t break, the time for walking on eggshells has ended. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and comfortable in their skin and have deciated a huge amount of time to finding the best products for big and heavy people, testing the, and writing reviews. However, we are not simply a review site, we also share plus-size fashion tips for both men and women, life tips and travel hacks for big people, etc.

Do you test the products that you recommend?

Short answer: usually. We make an effort to review mostly products that we already have shopped for, made decisions on, and purchased. Often times, the articles that we write are actually a chronicling of our own shopping experience. We also buy products specifically to use (or have friends use) and write about. Although we are members of the Amazon Affiliate program and make a small commission when you buy a product through our links, price and commission do not affect our reviews.

What do you consider a “big guy” or “big girl”?

Good question! Our answer, on the other hand, cannot be quite as simple as the question. For our purposes, a “big guy” or “big girl” can be anyone that is heavy or tall enough that it is difficult to use normal items. Whether that is a desk chair, a kayak, or a pair of dress shoes we aim to make your life (and ours) easier!

Can I request an article or product review?

Of course! You can reach us at any time by visiting our Contact Us Page. We usually have a pretty long backlog of articles and are using products for months before writing about them so, if you’re in a hurry, we might not be your best resource.