The 3 Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size Moms Who Baby-Wear

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“Don’t worry, the ‘baby weight’ will just drop right off!”

At least, that’s what everyone told me. But in reality, I actually weighed more when I got pregnant with my second baby than the day I gave birth to my first. Oof. I know that my weight doesn’t define my worth, but it definitely does affect my comfort levels sometimes!

While I expected that my jeans wouldn’t fit the same postnatal, etc. what I didn’t expect that I would have a hard time finding was a comfortable and well-fitting baby carrier. While there aren’t a ton of plus size baby carriers on the market, there definitely are options! Now that I’ve had two kids and my youngest is finally aged out of baby wearing I doubt I’ll get any more baby carrier knowledge than I currently have.

Now, one of the things that I really wanted in a baby carrier was adjustability. Sure it’s great to have a plus-size carrier that will fit me, but what if my sister-in-law (super petite) needs to wear it? Or my husband? It needs to have lots of adjustability, the more the better

One of the things that was most helpful in getting my husband to baby-wear was getting a plus size carrier that not only fit him well but that he also liked the look of. So if you want your husband to be part of the baby wearing, call him in here and choose one together!

Babies love bonding with their dads, and baby wearing fathers can give moms a nice break from a baby in a clingy phase. We have done the finicky research on fit, quality, and reviews to find you a list of the best baby carriers for plus size moms AND dads – which are also great options for the very tall parents (over 6′), plus size or not, who would like to comfortably wear their babies as well.

So here is a quick look at our choices for the best baby carriers for plus size parents:

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The Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom – The 3 Types

Best Wrap Baby Carrier for Plus Size Moms

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - Limited Edition Collection - Emerald

First off, wrap-style carriers are absolutely the most versatile in terms of fit and comfort. Every time you put on a wrap carrier, it will conform to your body with a custom, comfortable fit. It uses the whole back and shoulders to support the baby’s weight evenly, which makes for a very comfortable and supportive babywearing experience. There are several brands of plus size baby wraps available, but the length of this one absolutely will fit plus size and tall wearers (so you can get dad included in baby-wearing).

Best Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Plus Size Moms

Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Extra-Soft Bamboo and Linen Fabric - Lightweight wrap - for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers - Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Nursing Cover (Earth Mama Cream)

Ring slings are probably the most versatile type of plus size baby carriers out there, and absolutely the fastest to adjust and put on. This sling is over 7 feet long and fits tall and plus size wearers awesomely (we’re talking big & tall ladies and men!) as well as all sizes of babies up to 35 pounds. There are several carry/position options, lots of ring sling resources, and lots of colors/patterns available. CAUTION – for any baby carrier, but especially ring-style carriers, DO NOT fall into the trap of purchasing incredibly cheap options. Poor quality = unsafe for baby. The rings and the stitching are specifically important in the integrity of the carrier. This brand is a great option for all points! You will be comfy, your baby will be safe, and you’ll both look adorable!

Best Buckle/Soft Structure Baby Carrier for Plus Size Moms

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier, Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier, Ergonomic and Multiple Positions for 7 - 45 pounds - Soar (Olive Green and Black Birds)

Structured carriers are slightly less versatile in forms of custom fit, but they still have lots of variety in adjusting the different straps. This specific model boasts a waist that can fit up to 57 inches, and is extremely adjustable. This carrier option is harder to adjust as quickly, but very supportive for long or more strenuous carries – hikes, long days etc. This will also hold more weight than a wrap or a ring sling, it can hold up to 45 pounds – so you’ll get years of use out of it! Depending on the position, the straps can be uncomfortable where they lay on the body (think hard straps across soft body…) if they are tight enough to get a supportive carry. However, so many plus size wearers still love theirs! This is also the least “feminine” option, with a more structured and utilitarian style that dads seem to love.

Getting Used To Baby Carrying/Wearing (For both you and your baby)

For ANY size mama, baby wearing is a learning curve. Or, in my case, a learning “curvy” haha

I know from experience, though, that it is a curve worth scaling! Being hands-free is awesome, bonding with a sleepy baby is awesome, and being able your sanity when you have a baby who really wants to be held but you have stuff to do… is also awesome. I’ve gathered up a few of the best tips from the community of baby wearers and summaried them here. These are particular helpful for beginners and plus size moms looking for baby carrier help

1. Take Advantage of Resources

Hands down, the easiest way to learn how to wear any carrier is to have someone show you how. If you happen to have an expert friend, have them help you adjust your wrap or ring sling until you understand how to do it yourself. If this isn’t an option, nearly every major babywearing brand (WildBird, Tula, Solly Baby, etc.) produces video and written tutorials for their specific/similar carriers on youtube and social media. Watch videos of experts putting on carriers in the position(s) you want to try over and over while trying them yourself at the same time. Another tip – try adjusting/tying/wrapping with nothing in your carrier or with a stuffed animal/doll to get comfortable with baby wearing before you add in the extra stress of accurately supporting a baby.

2. Don’t Worry if it Doesn’t Feel Natural at First

Carrying anything around for any amount of time – if you aren’t used to it – will make some muscles hurt. So don’t be afraid of baby wearing if your first few go rounds are uncomfortable. Every time you use your plus size carrier, it will get easier and feel more natural. Also, if you are out and about and it’s hurting your shoulder or your back…take a minute to stop and readjust! Practice and repetition will really be your friends. I know it made me feel more self conscious to be uncomfortable in public with my first baby in her carrier, so I started throwing it on more often at home. That made a HUGE difference for me because I didn’t feel like I had an audience when I was still trying to get used to carrying my baby around in a wrap or sling.

3. What if My Baby Hates it?

Babies are constantly being bombarded with new experiences and sensations – so if your little one seems stressed out in the carrier, let them take a break and try again later or on another day. Try not to be discouraged and don’t give up entirely if they have one fussy baby wearing experience! The more opportunities they have to get used to riding in a carrier, the easier it will be for your baby to enjoy the ride – and you will enjoy yourself much more if your baby is! Get your baby used to the carrier in low-stress situations (i.e. home, church, places you go often…) so they can associate the sling/wrap/carrier with security and calm – that way they are way less likely to push against it when you are somewhere with lots of noise/stimulants (Disneyland, the fair, the mall…). 

4. Join a Baby-Wearing Community

My last piece of advice is: find a babywearing group!! There are so many plus-size moms out there who baby carry and need support. A quick google search will put you in touch with several different options. There are groups for types of carrier (ring sling, wraps…), brands of carriers (Tula, WildBird), types of wearers (dads, plus-size), and so many combinations in between. These groups (usually through Facebook and other social media outlets) can provide a sense of kinship and support, supply feedback or give tips about a specific question you may have, and even facilitate in-person meet ups! All of these things can provide a wonderful environment for getting used to and loving baby-wearing, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to find that kind of community in person.

Well, you should now be armed with more information on finding a baby carrier – and getting used to wearing one! Baby wearing can be such a positive thing for baby and parents, and being able to do so comfortably is just something every parent deserves. Hopefully you found our list of the best baby carrier for plus size moms helpful! Now, go out into the world and snuggle those babies of yours!

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