The Best Inversion Table with a 400lb Capacity

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Inversion tables are the latest trend in homeopathic treatments but, unlike other trends (sugar mountain diet anyone?) there is a slew of scientific evidence that supports inversion table use. This is especially true for heavy people who are particularly prone to many of the issues helped by an inversion table such as varicose veins, joint pain, and sciatica.

The first time I heard of the value of hanging upside down it was in reference to regrowing thinning hair. I was 23 and balding so I headed to the playground of a local school and hung upside down from the monkey bars. Needless to say, the extra blood flow to my head did not cause my hair to sprout overnight. The idea of inversion therapy passed out of my mind until many years later when I was suffering from sciatica brought on by a terrible mattress. Since I was no longer able to hand upside down on the monkey bars, I decided to look into inversion tables for big and heavy people. Little did I expect that I would be able to improve my life far beyond just reducing my pain!

7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Inversion Table Use

So let’s talk about some of the scientifically proven benefits that users can expect from the use of an inversion table. Actually, before that, if you are already aware of the benefits and just want to know what the best inversion table with a 400 pound capacity is, it’s this one:

Now, back to the benefits:

  • Reduces pressure in your back and neck. This is probably the main reason that people look into inversion therapy and is the area where the benefits may be the most dramatic. All-day long, gravity is pulling down on your body, doing its best to compress your spine. The little pads of cartilage (disks) are under constant pressure as your spine keeps you upright. Reversing the effect of gravity through inversion can relieve pain, help your disks to stay in place, and even make you taller! (at least for a few hours until gravity squishes you back down.
  • Relief from varicose veins. Varicose veins are formed when your body is unable to pump the blood back up out of your legs and it pools on top of the one-way valves. Raising your feet above the level of your heart reduces the effort that it takes to circulate your blood and cause relieve the pain associated with varicose veins.
reduction of sciatica pain by using inversion table for 400 lbs person
  • Reduction (or eradication) of sciatica pain. Many people who suffer severe sciatic pain get nearly instant relief from inversion therapy. Allowing your nerves to relax and everything to fall back into place can relieve the pinching and nerve stimulation associated with sciatica pain. Often, it only takes sporadic sessions when the pain starts coming back to keep it at bay long term.
  • Stress relief. If you’ve ever wondered why people who do yoga are so calm and collected, it may be for the simple reason that many of their positions and stretches put them in a position with their head below the heart. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system which the control center that tells our body that rest and relaxation are in order. If you want the perfect combination of stress relief and back support, check out our article on The Best Massage Chairs under $2,000 for Heavy People.
  • Increased blood flow to your brain and scalp. Increased blood flow to your head has been shown to increase mental clarity, increase hair growth, and even improve your skin!
  • Increased Mobility. The improved spine health of patients that engage in regular inversion therapy sessions often allows them a greater range of pain-free movement! Many people, including the obese, the elderly, and those with arthritis have been able to regain the movement they had years ago!
  • Reduces Pain and (possibly) prevents the need for surgery. Because of the pain reduction associated with the use of a heavy-duty inversion table, many patients have been able to reduce their dependence on pain medication and even forgo surgery!

So now that we’re all sold on the need for an inversion table, let’s talk about the best option out there for big guys and girls, why it’s the best, and what you should be looking for in a heavy-duty inversion table.

Best Inversion Table 400 lbs Capacity

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

If you weight over 400 pounds, there is literally one inversion table on the market which is rated to hold your weight safely. Luckily for us, it earns this high weight rating by being the best built, sturdiest, and simplest inversion chair on the market. The Health Mark Pro Max not only accommodates people around the 400-pound mark but is able to provide relief to obese users all the way to its 600-pound capacity! The next highest option on the market can only boast a 350-pound capacity! (If you are under 350 pounds, the Ironman Gravity is a much cheaper option).

The Pro Max has a heavy duty steel frame that even the heaviest users report feels strong and doesn’t show any signs of protest (flexing, groaning, etc). Although it doesn’t invert 180 degrees (most tables don’t for safety reasons) it is possible to get maximum relief by choosing the most effective of its 6 preset angles! No guesswork, just lock in on the option you want and you’ll be rock solid.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

If you are not only big but tall as well, the Pro Max is, without a doubt, the best inversion table for big and tall people. It’s 25 built-in height setting will support users up to 6’6″ (just be sure that your ceilings are tall enough!)

Other things to love:

  • Works in both “face-up” and “face-down” positions (the only non-motorized option on the market that does so)
  • The machine was designed for high-volume use in therapy offers but was made available to the public due to high demand by patients
  • Full one year warranty

With quality doesn’t come cheap, the Pro Max is the best value available in-home inversion tables. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or tipping and it will provide even the most consistent users with years of painless service.

Try Before You Buy…

inversion table 400 lbs capacity reviews

If you have never used an inversion table, you may benefit from trying on at a spa or health center before committing to buying one. While the benefits are a given, it is beneficial to have a feel for how the machine works, what it will feel like, etc. before trying it out.

While living with daily pain can take its toll on your quality of life and even your relationships it is never a good idea to rush into treatment, especially if it is self-administered. Inversion tables are wonderful tools and, when used properly can literally be life-changing.

If you need a high capacity inversion table, you can typically call homeopathic treatment centers and spas and they will gladly let you know whether or not they have an inversion table with a 400 lbs capacity. If they do, don’t be surprised if its the Pro Max we just talked about!

Talk To Your Doctor: Our Obligatory Warnings

doctor talking about inversion table for obese people

There are many common mistakes and dangers that come with inversion tables and, if you aren’t aware of the, you might make your issue worse or cause yourself serious harm or death.

We at DesignBigger are not medical professionals and are simply sharing what we have learned through our own experience. To this end, do not follow advice from anyone about inversion tables without first talking to your doctor, especially if you weigh in excess of 400 pounds.

Some of the risks associated with using an inversion table include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Inner Ear Damage
  • Stroke
  • Hernia
  • Broken Bones
  • Vertigo
  • …and more!

Do yourself a favor and take your health seriously. Talk to your doctor, get some experience on an inversion table, and then get the best one out there for overweight people!

On a happy note:

To avoid ending on such a downer, here are some of the things that people have said about inversion therapy and about the ProMax in particular:

“For six weeks I was bent over double with worst sciatica of my life. Sharp piercing knife pain 80-100 times a day depending on how I sat, laid down, moved. Got on this thing, went back to only the 1st setting, and instantly when I got off pain was gone, just a numbness at first. You walk funny when you get off like you are walking on air, you feel stretched and everything is in the right place. And it stays there. Don’t have to overdo either, the relief lasts. Been on it only three times in the last month and pain free. I plan to only use it as needed, when the first pain first appears again.”

L. Bell

My father is 82 and on a trip last August to OC Maryland my father’s back was so bad his face was distended in pain and he could barely walk. He has rheumatoid arthritis for years and it finally brought his active life to a halt with the what the spinal/orthopedic surgeon called stenosis of the spine. The x-rays and mri’s showed the narrowing and compressing of the spine which was causing great pain due mostly to the sciatic nerve. I tried to buy a cheaper table but he insisted on this one and I am glad he held out. It has been a dream for us as it literally brought my father back to normalcy as the daily 10-20 minute sessions at the convenient preset angle has eliminated the back pain and leg pain to where he can now enjoy movements and walking without discomfort. He is lifting weights again and the happy face is back. I use it also and it has made my back much lither as I can turn completely and conformably doing golf or yoga. If you have the means get this one as it allows the most secure and varied routines and please try this before surgery if you can. You may get the same results and avoid surgery or heal better but know this machine works.

H. Abe

I will gladly throw my hat into the ring and tell you that, when used correctly, inversion therapy can literally be life-changing! To know that there is an easy non-surgical treatment that can effectively remove huge amounts of pain from people’s lives is exciting and worth sharing! So get yourself one and feel the relief!

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