Write For Us

DesignBigger is looking for lifestyle writers for our blog!

We get emails regularly about how helpful this site is for people and we want to reach more people than ever through this platform. The problem is, my wife and I can only write so much. So we’ve decided to bring some writers on board.

How It Works

We have a list of headlines for articles that we plan on writing. If you’re hired, you will be able to choose from several headlines and select an article that you feel comfortable with. You would then research and write the article. We’ll give you a minimum/maximum word requirement for your writing. When you’ve finished your article we’ll look it over, make any tweaks we think are necessary, and publish it on our site.

Our average article is 2,000 words and starting pay is 2 center per word. Meaning that you will get paid around $40 per article you write.

As you gain experience we’re open to giving you more freedom in topic choice and increasing your pay as well.

Types of Articles

We’re not looking for product reviews. We’re looking for people who have experience living as an overweight or plus size person and navigating the unique challenges therein. We want to have more “lifestyle” or “life-tips” style content on our blog. For example:

“Tips Choosing an Airline and Flying for Plus Size People”

“Is “fat-worship” empowering or degrading?”

“5 Hygiene Tips for Obese People (Clean those rolls!)”

We typically steer clear of weight-loss content as that is easily acessible in other areas and we’re more interested in helping people improve/enjoy their lives as they are. We are, however, open to issues about improving general health.

While we try not to be insensitive we are quite cavalier about being fat and don’t shy away from words such as “obese” “morbidly obese” “heavy” “fat” etc.

What We’re Looking for In Writers

You don’t have to have any experience! You just have to be capable of writing well (interesting style, grammatically correct, proper punctuation, etc.)

We are also not looking to hire anyone full-time. We are interested in people who want to get their voice out onto the net and earn some side-money doing it. We are looking for a commitment of 2-4 articles per month.

If you’re reading this, please put the word “Pretzel” in the subject on the contact form below. We disregard applications from people who don’t read.

How To Apply

Fill out the form below and attach a .doc or .docx file containing a 1500+ word article about any subject you think would be applicable to DesignBigger.  If we choose to publish your article, we’ll pay you for it whether we hire you in the future or not!

Once we look through your sample and application we’ll be in touch with a contract, payment details, etc.

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