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Product Reviews For Big & Heavy People

What is DesignBigger all about?

Well, being fat sucks. But why does it suck? If you were the last person on earth, would you care if you were plus size? Big and heavy? Obese?

Let’s face it, the real reason that being fat sucks is because of our culture and our marketplace. Overweight people are often considered lazy, unattractive, and unhealthy. What’s more, since the world doesn’t want to “encourage you to be fat,” mainstream products do not work well for you.

In fact, you often have to search out special products or activities for your size or forgo many activities and comforts.

Not right, is it?

Well, we here at DesignBigger have decided to stand for change. We think that everyone deserves to be happy, comfortable, and feel good about themselves, no matter their size.

To that end, we write tutorials, post fashion tips, share travel guides, and even review products that are targeted to people of above-average size (from slightly overweight to morbidly obese).

So come along for the ride as we make everyone more comfortable, fashionable, and, dare we hope, happy!

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Couch To 5k While Obese – My Experience

If you’re overweight and looking to get back into running, try walking a mile in my shoes first!

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Best SUVs For Big Guys – Ranked

Cramming yourself into a small vehicle is no good. We compared the best SUVS to find the best options for big guys!

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11 Best Sleeping Tips for Obese People

Most heavy people sleep like crap…but you don’t have to. Here are the things I’ve done to fix my sleep.

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The Best Airlines For Obese Passengers

Airlines won’t let you buy two seats…I tried. So here are the roomiest options I could find.

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Best Vacation Destination For Morbidly Obese People

Less walking, better food, and lots of chances to relax. Check out my favorite vacation destinations!

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What Is Considered Plus-Size? (Chart)

Are you considered plus-size? What is the actual cut-off? Size 12? 14? 16? Here’s the answer!

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