Is Fat Camp For Adults Still A Thing? Should You Go?

When you first hear the term fat camp, you can barely imagine something more horrifying, especially as you are an adult. The most common vision of a fat camp is built by Hollywood and the movies that ruined their reputation but, rest assured, a real-life fat camp for adults is nothing like that. If you …

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Do Fat People Sweat More? Why?

I’m fat. I jiggle a bit when I walk, I breathe heavily when I go up (and down) stairs, and I don’t fit in regular chairs very well. All of these things don’t bother me personally, but I really don’t enjoy the stares and looks my size earns me from passers-by. So why, in heaven’s …

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Is 200lbs Considered Obese? What About 300lbs?

If you’ve been around the blog before, you may have noticed that I frequently refer to myself as being obese and I often discuss obesity in general. It’s a common term, which means people often understand the gist of what it means without knowing the exact definition. But what exactly does it mean to be …

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