Do Fat People Float? (in water…)

When I was a kid, I couldn’t float to save my life (or swim for that matter). I vividly remember going to the pool every week when I was in fourth grade for swim lessons. We were supposed to dive into the pool, swim to the other side, and then float until the teacher checked …

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Should I care about being fat? What if I don’t?

*This article is an opinion-based piece full of my own ideas. You should talk to your doctor about your health. For many years I swung between a burning desire to lose weight and an indifference to my weight as I focused on other things. However, even during the times when I wasn’t focused on my …

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Actually, You Are Your Body – 5 Self Love Exercises

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“You are not your body…” said every health coach ever. I disagree. In fact, if I could, I would punch them in the face. O at least, verbally….with patience and kindness. Why? Because they’re wrong. Or, at least, they’re telling a harmful half truth. For years, millions of women have been told that they have …

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