The 5 Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Rocking Chairs for Big People

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a rocking chair on your porch. Unless, of course, your rocking chair experience is accompanied by creaks, groans, and the imminent prospect of your rocking chair collapsing and possibly impaling your leg with a shard of wood. The best outdoor rocking chairs are designed in a … Read more

Plus Size Beach Chair Review and Buying Guide (up to 500lbs)

When I was younger, my family didn’t have beach chairs. Or camp chairs. Or any sort of outdoor chairs. I don’t know if my parents thought they were for lazy people (more likely: we just couldn’t afford them) but we never invested in anything that would make our short beach trips more comfortable. What we … Read more

Best Chair Mat For Heavy Person (up to 1000lbs)

Few things are more frustrating than a crusty yellow chair mat. You know the kind. You probably first rolled around on one in elementary school and they’ve been at every place you’ve worked. Chair mats yellow and crack so quickly that there have been long stretches of time when I have actually set my rolling … Read more

The Best Heavy Duty Massage Chairs Under $2,000 (400lb capacity)

Looking for the best high-end massage chair? Easy…just go buy the most expensive one (here on Amazon). But if you’re looking for the best massage chair under $2000….things get a bit trickier…. When I was newly married (and stressed out of my mind), I remember going to a friend’s wedding. They had decided to have … Read more