Does Getting Fat Make You Look Younger? (I tested it…)

Have you ever heard someone say “Losing weight makes you look younger”? I’ve heard that all of my life. I’ve seen it listed all over the place as a “health and beauty” tip for years. Not that I’ve ever tried it of course… However, recently I’ve also heard the opposite is also true, and that …

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What Is Considered Plus Size? (It Is Size 10? Bigger?)

Shopping can be tricky when you don’t fit society’s mold of acceptable size. Unfortunately, the archaic tolerance of larger sizes alongside the general increase in the average waist size creates a contradiction where most shoppers find it hard to shop for products that fit their bodies. Sizes 18 and over are considered plus size, while …

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Should Plus-Size Women Get A Belly Button Piercing?

One thing remains constant as we level the playing field for different weight brackets: the physical needs of plus-size and skinny people differ. And this can be evident in scenarios like body modification and piercings. Plus-size women have to think long before getting piercings in their core region. Plus-size women should get a belly button …

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