The 4 Best High Capacity Bathroom Scales for Obese People

“Oh you’ve been dieting? How much weight have you lost….?” “Well, I don’t know. I’m still to fat to see the numbers on my bathroom scale…” “Wait…they don’t make scales for obese people?” Weighing yourself when you’re big and heavy can be a serious challenge. The problem is, if you can’t weigh yourself, it’s extremely … Read more

The Best Inversion Table with a 400lb Capacity

Inversion tables are the latest trend in homeopathic treatments but, unlike other trends (sugar mountain diet anyone?) there is a slew of scientific evidence that supports inversion table use. This is especially true for heavy people who are particularly prone to many of the issues helped by an inversion table such as varicose veins, joint … Read more

The Best Heavy Duty Massage Chairs Under $2,000 (400lb capacity)

Looking for the best high-end massage chair? Easy…just go buy the most expensive one (here). But if you’re looking for the best massage chair under $2000….things get a bit trickier…. When I was newly married (and stressed out of my mind), I remember going to a friend’s wedding. They had decided to have it in … Read more