The 5 Best Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots For Plus Size Women

There’s nothing I love more than tromping around in wet weather (good thing since I grew up in western Washington). At least, there’s nothing I love more than tromping in puddles and wet weather if I’m prepared for it: meaning a sweater and waterproof boots. Being able to nestle my toes inside a pair of … Read more

“Too Fat”? The 10 Best High Heels For Heavy Women

High heels are an area of fashion where larger women…tread lightly (sorry, pun intended). Being “too fat” for high heels seems to be a universal truth that goes unchallenged. What the reasons are for it, no one really seems clear.  Is it a concern that there aren’t wide enough pumps available? That the heels might … Read more

The Best Shoes for Overweight Men Wanting to Impress in 2020

When I was younger, I always hated going to amusement parks or play areas where I had to take my shoes off. I wore fat-kid-shoes and I had funny looking toes. Not a good combination. Now, I’m still overweight, I still have funny toes, but I’m not longer ashamed when people see me pull my … Read more