Plus Size Beach Chair Review and Buying Guide (up to 500lbs)

When I was younger, my family didn’t have beach chairs. Or camp chairs. Or any sort of outdoor chairs. I don’t know if my parents thought they were for lazy people (more likely: we just couldn’t afford them) but we never invested in anything that would make our short beach trips more comfortable. What we … Read more

The 5 Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults (that won’t break)

When I was in college, I walked around 5 miles a day to/from campus and between classes. While I enjoyed the exercise (ehh…mostly), there was one main problem with my walks. They took forever! There were 30,000 fellow students all vying for the limited parking spots at my school. This meant I always had to … Read more

Choosing the Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults (400lb Capacity)

If you’re a big guy or girl you’ve probably been thinking about increasing your fitness level or losing weight for awhile. I know that when I was at my heaviest I didn’t necessarily care about losing weight, I just wanted to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath and … Read more