How To Describe A Fat Person Nicely (8 Nice Terms + Chart)

Political correctness is experiencing a flashback but isn’t as arbitrary as some people would like it to be. A degree of socially mandated politeness has always existed in Western cultures. And regardless of the state of social discourse, it has always been considered impolite to be blunt when describing a fat person. You can describe …

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Best Vacations For Obese People (According To A Fat Guy…)

When it comes to vacations, obese people often feel like they have limited options, at least I do. But the truth is that there are plenty of amazing vacation opportunities out there for everyone – even those who don’t fit into traditional sizes. From beach getaways and cruise trips to city breaks and adventure excursions, …

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Is Fat Camp For Adults Still A Thing? Should You Go?

When you first hear the term fat camp, you can barely imagine something more horrifying, especially as you are an adult. The most common vision of a fat camp is built by Hollywood and the movies that ruined their reputation but, rest assured, a real-life fat camp for adults is nothing like that. If you …

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