Can Fat People Go Skiing? How About Snowboarding?

One of my old pub quiz teammates recently moved to Colorado and has been trying to get the rest of the team to take a trip and come visit him. Part of the trip would involve going skiing or snowboarding in Aspen since it’s only about an hour’s drive from his house. He called me …

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Can Fat People Surf? How Big Is Too Big?

A friend of mine recently moved to Hawaii and has been trying to convince me to round up the rest of our friends and go visit her down in Honolulu. I find Hawaii to be a little too hot and humid for a fat guy like me who sweats buckets while walking down the street, …

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Is 200lbs Considered Obese? What About 300lbs?

If you’ve been around the blog before, you may have noticed that I frequently refer to myself as being obese and I often discuss obesity in general. It’s a common term, which means people often understand the gist of what it means without knowing the exact definition. But what exactly does it mean to be …

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Are There Fat Vegans? (And How Much Lettuce Do They Eat?!)

What’s the first image or the first person that comes to your mind when you hear someone being described as a vegan? A sad skinny person with a salad? This is probably because I’m a football fan, but for me, it’s seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The …

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Can Fat People Go Parasailing? What’s The Weight Limit?

I was watching television the other day with some of my friends and I saw a scene in some movie while we were flipping through channels where the characters go parasailing. One of my pals, who is about 5’3″ and 225 pounds, looked down at his stomach and said, “I’ve always wanted to go parasailing, …

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