Best Vacations For Morbidly Obese People (My Top 6 Spots)

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For those of us who are morbidly obese, taking a vacation can be an annoying and painful experience.

When I was younger, I used to get invited to go on vacation all the time by friends and family. It was nice of them and I appreciated it, but about half of the time, I ended up declining their gracious offers.

The main reason these vacations posed a problem is that I’m morbidly obese. Because of that, I have no interest in hiking, swimming, or other rigorous physical activities that are just going to make me sweat buckets and cause me pain.

I love my friends and family, but I have no interest in climbing 354 stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

The good thing is there are vacations for people of every size, including those of us who are morbidly obese. Here are a few of my favorites.

Visit “The Resort”

The Resort on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas is, according to its Facebook page, the only beach resort in the world exclusively aimed at the obese.

It features chaise lounge chairs designed to support people weighing up to 550 pounds, as well as beds that have been reinforced with steel bars, and extra-wide doorframes.

The Resort features incredibly positive reviews, with previous guests mentioning their appreciation for the judgment-free environment allowing them to wear bikinis, use swimming pools, and walk on the beach without embarrassment.

The facility was created by James King, who is not actually obese himself, but saw the need for a facility after working at other resorts that had few options for plus-sized individuals.

The location currently only accepts small groups of up to 24 people, although King intends on creating a resort on nearby Cat Island aimed at singles and couples.

This is a rather expensive option, however, with packages running about $16,000 per person. The good news is that the stay does include three buffets per day, though.

Now, it’s now just The Resort which is a great vacation destination. Resorts of all types can be a great option as they allow you to visit a destination but have all of your necessities in a microcosm. If everyone else in your group wants to go out on the town, no worries, you’ll have the option of a spa, a massage, pool, theater, etc.

Take A Cruise

Going on a cruise is another wonderful vacation choice, with many companies offering services to destinations all over the world.

For most of these cruises, you’ll have to call ahead and see if the ship can comfortably accommodate you.

I prefer baths to showers because of my knees, so I wouldn’t enjoy a cruise that only had a small standing shower instead of a good-sized bathtub.

However, there are several travel companies aimed at the obese, including Curvy Ventures, a Florida-based company that hosts social gatherings and offers cruises for plus-sized individuals.

I also recommend Alaska as a cruise destination, since the weather is a little cooler and the state offers some of the most amazing sights in the world.

Do Las Vegas

Personally, I’m not a very big Vegas guy. It’s not for me but I respect that other people have different interests than I do and, all things considered, it’s a pretty welcoming city for obese people.

Especially people who are less sweaty than I am.

Nearly every hotel in the city offers large rooms, music and entertainment shows, a casino, alcohol, and a buffet, among other things.

The main draw here is it’s all inside, relatively close together, and air-conditioned, which I always appreciate. My friends call me “The Wool” because I’m a heavy sweater, so any entertainment with air conditioning is an automatic five stars from me.

One thing I will give the city is that, from my experience, it is one of the friendliest places for people of my size.

Everyone comes to the city to have a good time, drink, and gamble. They’re far more focused on the roulette wheel and their own finances than how my legs look in these basketball shorts.

Enjoy The Disney Parks

Theme parks can often be a problem for larger folks. Back in college, I remember standing on the ground watching my friends go on rides that I was too heavy to go on myself.

One place that I’ve never run into this problem, however, is the Disney family of parks, including Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Park in France, and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.

I’ve only been to the two in America, but every ride has a list of precautions and warnings, usually for epilepsy, heart attacks, pregnancy, or other medical issues.

Two words that you’ll never find on these placards? “Size” and “weight.” Every ride at these parks can be enjoyed by people of all sizes and most, if not all, have large seats to accommodate any sized bottom. As long as the bar can close, you can ride.

Disney parks aren’t exclusively for those with children, either. Many people of all ages come with their spouses or even alone to enjoy one of the most inclusive amusement parks in the United States.

Ride Amtrak or A Scenic Bus

I love trains and buses for travel, not only for the great scenery, price, and convenience, but also because I very much hate flying.

Whenever I get on a plane, everyone has that look of horror. I don’t think I have to explain the look. They start praying that I’m not going to sit next to them for three hours.

With planes and buses, that’s not an issue. I’ll get the whole row to myself because they’re very rarely sold out and the seat next to me is usually the last pick.

The thing I like the most about Amtrak or the bus is that it’s both a mini-vacation and an easier way to get to your destination.

The only issue could be the toilets on longer trips, although this is more of a concern with buses than with an Amtrak train.

They’re great for snacking since you can bring your own food. Amtrak also offers a cafe on most of its routes.

Plan A Hotel Vacation

Okay, this one might sound kind of silly, but some of the best vacations I have ever taken just consisted of booking a few nights in a hotel, having all of my meals delivered, and watching TV.

I just got back from one a few days ago, in fact, where I went to Portland, Oregon, and spent five nights in a hotel relaxing.

I put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” (although I changed the settings to allow notifications from my girlfriend who is visiting her family), I put on whatever sporting event I could find, and I never left the hotel.

It was amazing. For a few days, all of my stress disappeared, I didn’t have to worry about keeping to a schedule or being awake at a certain time, and between my laptop and the TV, I wasn’t bored for a single second.

Much like Las Vegas, I realize this isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a spouse, children, or social obligations, but it can be a very relaxing and cost-effective way to take a vacation.

If you really want to get away, a destination hotel can also be a great option. A hotel on the beach in Cancun is much more interesting than the one down the road. My wife and I actually di the Cancun trip this past year and she even convinced me to try surfing since the beach was right outside our hotel.

Recap and Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the vacation ideas for obese people that require the least amount of pre-trip phone calls to make sure that everything will be accessible for us.

Most, but not all, vacations will work for people of all sizes, although some accommodations may be necessary for some of them.

The most important factor when choosing a vacation is how comfortable you are with your body. If you don’t mind putting on a swimsuit and sitting on a beach, you should absolutely do it!

If you aren’t comfortable with that, that’s okay, too. As a fatty, I encourage everyone my size to embrace our bodies, but I also know that’s way easier said than done.

I don’t mind beach vacations because I feel freer and more open. I don’t care if these people look at me or are clearly judging me because I’m never going to see them again.

That said, if you aren’t comfortable, that’s okay, too. There are plenty of other options to choose from that don’t require you to put on a bathing suit.

No matter your size or preferred activity level, there are plenty of amazing vacation opportunities for you to enjoy!

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