Should Fat Guys Get A Buzz Cut? (Buzzed Hair vs Shaved Head)

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The past five years have seen a boom in the acceptance of plus-sized men. And thanks to fashion brands catching up, it is now possible for fat guys to look their best. But clothing aside, what haircut should you get?

Fat guys should get buzz cuts if they want to be associated with fitness and shave their heads if they want to save time and money to invest in fashion. Above all, each man should see if he feels attractive in a shaved head or a buzz cut, then commit to the style.

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of getting your head shaved or buzzed as a fat guy. You will also discover what you can do to offset specific drawbacks of shaving your head or getting a buzzcut. Let’s get started!

Pros of Getting a Buzz Cut

A buzzcut is a relatively tamer style that also remains a classic but with a significantly shorter hair length. On average, the style is largely adopted by military men and athletes and has perks that are covered below.

Style Is Associated With Fitness, Offsets Prejudice

Bigger guys are generally seen as lazy because of prejudice. Since this style has military and athletic connotations, it can give an energetic vibe and offset judgment. It can also help you identify with a fit lifestyle if you’re trying to lose weight.

Hair Is Manageable

The most significant perk of a buzzcut remains that it is manageable.

You can save time by not having to comb it. Where long hair can fall flat on your head, making your head look round, a buzzcut effortlessly spikes upwards without micromanagement. As is the case with a shaved head, you don’t need to comb your hair.

The Maintenance Schedule Is Flexible

While you need to shave your head on a fixed schedule to look your best, a buzzcut is more flexible. People don’t notice if it has been a week since you trimmed your hair, giving you the freedom to avoid frequent barber visits.

Cons of Getting a Buzz Cut for Fat Guys

Buzzcuts, like shaving, have their drawbacks. Below are the disadvantages that you can expect when wearing a buzzcut. Not all of these are equally valid in all contexts, and some can be countered.

You Miss Out on Using Hairdos to Draw Attention

One can use long hair to draw attention away from their torso. It can get glossed over when you have a classic haircut, and people can start paying more attention to your figure. You can counter this by upgrading your style.

It Might Not Fit the Symmetry of Your Face

If a buzzcut doesn’t look good on you, it doesn’t matter how convenient it is. The buzzcut might not be flattering if your face is round and your jaw structure doesn’t have sharp edges. In that case, you should grow medium-length hair.

Expensive to Maintain

Buzzcuts don’t require as frequent freshening as a shaved head. However, you need to visit a barber to get your hair trimmed. This can get expensive, even if done biweekly. To counter this, just man up and do it yourself.

Pros of Shaving Your Head

Ultimately the choice to shave your head comes down to how you’ll look bald. But if you like yourself in a buzzcut and with a shaved head, you might want to take into account some of the pros of each one.

Here are the main advantages of shaving your head.

Minimizes Hairstyle Maintenance

Our focus, attention, and willpower are limited.

Mark Zuckerberg has the same colored shirt and jeans in his wardrobe, so he doesn’t have to spend time deciding what to wear.

Steve Jobs famously did that with his signature turtleneck.

Having a bald head means you don’t waste a minute combing your hair if you want to spend your energy styling yourself or working out.

It Can Be Done at Home

We can all find uses for extra money. Since you can shave your head at home, it saves you money that you can spend on stylish plus-sized outfits! Hane’s is a good brand because they offer offers shirts, pants, and wearables up to 3X-large. And they’re priced such that you can get a shirt every time you skip a barber appointment.

As long as society doesn’t catch up to appreciating plus-sized bodies in general, your style is the ambassador for your attractiveness, and shaving your head at home allows you to invest in better style.

It Keeps Your Style From Looking Dated

Finally, a key advantage of shaving your head remains that you can keep your style without keeping up with trends.

While different hairdos come and go, a shaved head is one of the classics that remain in style. If your size results in any degree of self-doubt, the last thing you want is to second-guess your hairstyle. Shaving gives you confidence as far as being in style is concerned.

Cons of Shaving Your Head

If shaving your head had no drawbacks, every fat buy would be intentionally bald! But there are quite a few lifestyle issues that occur from maintaining a shaved head.

Below are the drawbacks to expect if you decide to shave your head.

Not Always an Aesthetic Fit for Fat Guys

Shaving your head results in a drastic change in one’s appearance. All such changes have the potential to look bad. When growing out your hair, you can see when the length of the hair starts having diminishing returns.

But when shaving, you take a risk.

Counter this con: Use FaceApp to check how you would look with a shaved head. The app allows you to alter your appearance with one click to see how you would look at different ages or with different hairstyles. If you find the edited picture of your shaved head more attractive, you can proceed to shave it in real life.

Regular Shaving Can Be Time-Consuming

For all the time you save not combing your hair daily, you undoubtedly spend plenty of time shaving your head once a week. If you let your shaved hair grow past one week, your style starts looking inconsistent.

A significant chunk of the shaving time is dedicated to the crown and the back of your head. You even need to take pictures to make sure you go through every part.

Counter this con: You can use a wall-mounted vanity mirror alongside your regular bathroom mirror to get a clear view of the back of your head. Without having to keep track of how your head looks from behind, you’ll be able to finish your shave in 20 minutes.

Recap: Should Fat Guys Get Buzz Cuts or Shave Their Heads?

Aside from growing a beard to elongate a long face, there is plenty that fat guys can do with their hair.

Stacking hair on top while getting it faded from the sides can also create a fitter-looking face. But the simplest way to associate yourself with an active lifestyle is to get a buzzcut, and the best way to save energy, time, and money, is to get your head shaved.

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