Can Fat People Do Pushups? (some can…but not me)

I don’t think a guy can go more than a couple of months without being asked how many pushups he can do. Especially if you are a fat guy (like me) and work with a super fit guy (like Dave). I guess I’m just easy pickings to make himself look better. Freaking Dave. I guess …

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How Are Obese People Buried? Are There Special Caskets?

Even though I’m not morbidly obese (just “regular obese”) I’ve always had nightmares about dying at home. Wherever I died (and in whatever strange position) I would have to stay there until some burly fireman came to carry my body out. A long life of feeling awkward because of my weight culminated in my family …

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Can Big Guys Have Abs? (Yes, you already do…)

Superhero movies are everywhere these days. Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started to take off about 15 years ago, it seems like every month now that a new movie starring a comic book character I’ve never heard of before is getting its own movie. With a few obvious exceptions, it seems like the one …

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