Do Fat People Fart More? (Yes, here’s the gross reason…)

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Is there a smell more unpleasant than that of flatulence? Sure, the sound can be funny, but I’d rather not be around for what comes next.

Nearly every guy I know has a story about what I’m going to call “an intimate moment” (because this is a family-friendly website) with a woman that ended up getting called off because of some poorly timed crimes against fresh air.

One of my married friends has a fold-up twin bed that he keeps in the living room for nights when his wife kicks him out of their bedroom because he stunk up the joint after ripping one too many.

He asked me the other day if fat people tended to break wind more often than other people, as he’s understandably not a fan of sleeping in another room and he knows it’s not a big enough issue to fight over.

Do you know if fat people tend to pass gas more often than non-fat people? Let’s take a look at some of the major causes of excess gas. Then, we’ll see if any of them could be related to a person’s weight.

Causes of Flatulence

Passing gas is, of course, a rather normal bodily function. However, there are a few circumstances where someone might do it more frequently than others. Let’s look at the top two.

The first main cause is certain medical conditions, including a few types of cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Syndrome, and others. It’s quite a long list but I’ll sum it up by saying that any disorder that affects digestion or the GI tract is probably on there.

The second, naturally, is what a person has eaten recently. Suffice it to say, some foods will make you more gassy than others. That list of foods deserves its own section and I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Do Fat People Fart More?

The short answer here is “Yes”, we do, and I’ll explain why. First, we’ll start with that giant list of medical conditions that I referenced earlier. A good number of those conditions, although not all of them, have “obesity” listed as a risk factor.

Put simply, this means that fat people are more likely to have a medical condition on the list of those that are known to result in excessive flatulence.

The other part of the equation lies within the list of foods that can cause a person to feel gassy that I’m about to get into. Since fat people require more calories to maintain their weight than non-fat people, it would make sense that they eat more foods that would be on the list and in great quantities, thus resulting in more gas.

Partial List of Gas-Inducing Foods

I’ll preface this by saying that this probably isn’t a complete list. I’ve done a fair amount of research on this but I don’t know every single one. Please feel free to tell me if I missed one.

Legumes like beans and peas are probably the most well-known examples. Every kid in my elementary school was familiar with a certain rhyme called “Beans, the Magic Fruit”. It was kind of funny the first time but the next 600? Not so much.

Speaking of fruit, it joins vegetables as the second entry on this list. I have a vague idea of which ones are fruits and which ones are vegetables but thankfully, they all count and I don’t have to try to remember which ones have seeds.

The last major category is “whole grains”, which you might not expect. Most people would think of chili and cabbage but not bread.

The reason these are the four biggest culprits is that they all contain fiber, which is a necessary nutrient for proper digestion. Everyone needs fiber in their diet, which is why no one is immune to these embarrassing moments we all experience.

That’s also part of the reason why old men are commonly associated with the act. Older people often take fiber supplements to keep their bowels moving and the excess fiber results in the all-too-familiar phenomenon.

I’m also going to add dairy products to the list, even though they don’t contain fiber. They do, however, contain protein, which has been responsible for quite a few of mine over the years.

Dealing With Excess Gas

We’ll skip the “prevention” part because I think it’s boring to tell people not to eat the foods on the above list. What else am I going to eat? All the cool stuff has fiber and/or protein in it.

However, you may find yourself in a situation where the absolute last thing you’d want to do is to rip a loud one, like a job interview or a date. Here is a list of things that you can try to alleviate your problem without alienating those around you.

First, I like to have a supply of Beano on hand. It works better if you take it before you start eating but it’ll still work up to 30 minutes after your first bite.

If I’m out or I can’t seem to find the bottle, I lay down on the floor and lay in certain positions that will expel the gas out safely and privately (i.e., not in front of other people!) before I leave the house.

The most common one is to lie down on your back and bring your knees up to your stomach. However, if I’ve just eaten a big meal, the last thing I want to do is put a bunch of pressure on my stomach.

In those instances, I kneel down and put my hands and face on the floor while sticking my butt up into the air. A friend of mine got me a book called “The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide” when I was in college and this is the solution I have used the most from it. I appreciate it, man!

My last ditch effort, usually employed when I’m already out in public and I can’t do either of the other two, is to simply go to a public restroom, sit down on the toilet, and let it all out.

I admit that it isn’t the most elegant solution but it sure beats ripping one in the middle of a job interview when I’m trying to explain the difference between corporate synergy and vertical integration!

Final Thoughts

Breaking wind is a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences probably every day or so. However, fat people probably tend to do it more often because we eat a lot of fiber and are more prone to certain medical conditions that cause an abundance of gas.

That being said, laying in certain positions or taking an enzyme-based supplement like Beano can prevent you from ruining a business or relationship opportunity by letting one go at an inopportune moment. Good luck out there!

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