Is Fat Camp For Adults Still A Thing? Should You Go?

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When you first hear the term fat camp, you can barely imagine something more horrifying, especially as you are an adult. The most common vision of a fat camp is built by Hollywood and the movies that ruined their reputation but, rest assured, a real-life fat camp for adults is nothing like that.

If you are an adult that is fighting obesity or just having trouble losing weight, going to a fat camp can be an effective strategy. The program will help you lose weight while you are there and instill the right way of thinking to help you gain control over your weight and exercise routine. 

Understanding what fat camp is, how it works, the true benefits, and how your overall health will increase is vital to your healthy future. We have seen many people who have improved their health greatly from even short visits to a fat camp, with many more becoming completely healthy. 

Are Fat Camps Worth It?

Yes, weight loss camps are worth it; the environment is one where those struggling with their weight can comfortably learn how to control it. Further, many weight loss camps will be strict enough to allow you to lose weight but not so strict that it is painful or a problem.

Many people don’t always realize that the camps focus on what is causing you to gain weight and help you overcome that issue as well. If it is related simply to your diet, the counselors help you overcome that; if it is psychological, there are usually trained psychologists available too. 

Contrary to what many would have you believe, especially those who are cynical towards overweight people, the camps are not places where they torture you. Instead, these camps are usually places where you can easily and comfortably learn how to lose weight and overcome obstacles. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose At Fat Camp?

Typically those who join fat camps can lose between 10 pounds to 25 pounds of fat in the first two to three weeks of the camp. Further, as you start being more active, take in fewer calories, and experience growth, you may lose more weight, depending on your body type.

However, it should be noted that you may stop losing weight for several weeks after the initial weight loss. Many people become disheartened when this happens; however, it is important to keep working, as you may be losing fat while gaining muscles throughout your body. 

A secret that you always need to remember is that no natural body is overweight; your natural and healthy body may be lean or large, but not obese. Once you start losing fat, you will also start gaining muscles, which are heavier than fat; becoming healthy is not about losing weight; it is about losing fat and adopting healthy practices.

How Much Does It Cost For An Adult To Go To Fat Camp?

A fat camp for children is usually not much more than a normal summer camp; however, a fat camp for adults costs a lot more. Averaging around $2000 to $4000 per week for an adult fat camp, with an extreme focus on getting you into healthy habits as fast as possible.

This price may seem extreme, but most adults cannot be at a fat camp for longer than a few weeks, with work and other responsibilities requiring them to return. This is why these camps are slightly more intense in certain aspects, trying to get those who attend to build habits.

We have seen many people who try to go for the cheapest possible camps instead; however, these camps usually have hidden fees. With a few even charging extra for things like food, which is not at all right when you are specifically there to learn how to eat and diet properly. 

What Actually Happens At Fat Camp?

It is important to remember that what we know about fat camps are all things that have been perpetrated by Hollywood. Usually, comedy movies get their source of comedy from making fun of the children or adults that need to attend a fat camp. 

What happens at fat camp and what many people assume happens at fat camp are two wildly different things. Fat camps are usually life-changing experiences to the people who attend them, all loving almost every single moment of the experience. 

Active Time

This is usually the time in the morning when you spend time doing activities, anything from Yoga to Zumba, where you are encouraged to work out. Often, these are not always sessions that you would find at a gym, but instead classes that teach you the right techniques and routines. 

The goal with these periods in the morning is to exercise first thing in the morning and then take these exercises with you when you leave the camp. Instead of forcing you into doing exercises that you hate every second, it teaches you which exercises you may love. 

Leisure Time

This surprises many people, but after some active time, you are expected to have some creative leisure time. This can be anything from arts and crafts to nutrition classes on eating and drinking properly when you leave the fat camp. 

We have seen many people that assume this only happens at fat camps aimed at children, but that is not true. Fat camp for adults includes these activities because it is important for those attending to be relaxed and learn new ways of both doing things and thinking about food. 

Rest Hours

Naturally, between being active and having leisure time, you get to rest, have a shower, and have some free time to do whatever it is you wish to do. If this is watching TV with some new friends, you are allowed to do so or attempt to have some fun with the facilities at the camp. 

These hours are spread throughout the day of your fat camp experience, each day usually having these times at the same times. Further, weekends may have no planned activities outside of quick workouts in them, again, to help you build the right routines for your health. 

What Is The Actual Purpose Of Fat Camp?

We feel we must hammer this in to properly understand the true purpose of fat camps and why they are so important, even for adults. It can be nerve-wracking to know that you must lose weight and then be aware of the challenges that are still lying ahead of you. 

We know all fat camps are hoping to do three main things for you once we sort out the camps that are actually scams. A proper fat camp will tell you properly that they hope to never see you again, as you should be capable of staying healthy and fit without their help in the future. 

1. To Build Healthy Routines

The biggest reason anyone has become obese or overweight is that their routine is bad, focusing instead on doing nothing the whole day. When entering fat camp, your daily hours will be strictly planned out, with only a real focus on when you eat and exercise. 

Ultimately, you will have to leave the camp and continue the routine of exercising in the morning, eating healthy, and being more active in general. Surprisingly, as you become more used to a routine, it becomes easier to do everything else that you need to do to stay healthy. 

2. To Lose Weight

If you are at a fat camp for more than two weeks, which will be expensive, you will start to lose weight rapidly. As your body works through the fat reserves that it has, it will naturally lose the excess fat you have; this is why it is called fat camp. 

However, few people reach their real weight goals while they are at the camps, focusing on equipping themselves to continue to lose weight. This can be shrinking your stomach, teaching which foods are healthy, and which exercises are best for your body shape and temperament. 

3. To Instill a Sense of Confidence

If you see someone that is obese trying to do better, you cannot help but feel good for them; however, many times, the confidence in those who are obese is lacking. A fat camp that is properly focused on helping you to lose as much weight as possible will also build your confidence. 

You are not going to a fat camp to join the army; it should not be a breakdown session for a solid week; instead, you will find that proper fat camps build confidence. By surrounding you with people struggling just like you, it becomes much easier to stay at the camp and to do what you need to do. 


Fat camp for adults is well worth it and will help you to start your journey to lose as much weight as you could need. Further, we have seen many people that greatly benefit from having the camps in their routine, later becoming councilors and other support staff at the camps. 

Whatever you do, please always remember, even when it feels like the whole world is watching, it’s usually not!

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