Plus Size Heavy Duty Bar Stools For Big People (300-500 lbs)

Whenever anyone asks me for a product recommendation, I tell them to buy a product meant specifically for big and heavy people. Why? Because they are typically overbuilt and use much higher quality materials than the average item. Heavy duty bar stools are no different. Whether you heavy or not, getting bar stools that support … Read more

Best camp chair for big guys and heavy people (500+lb capacity)

“Go camping!” they said. “It’ll be relaxing!” they said. I guess they didn’t foresee the situation where my Walmart Camp Chair For Big Guys had two of the legs bend right in half and the seat tear, dumping me on the ground. While that day was a little bit painful and a whole heap embarrassing, … Read more

Plus Size Beach Chair Review and Buying Guide (400 lb)

When I was younger, my family didn’t have beach chairs. Or camp chairs. Or any sort of outdoor chairs. I don’t know if my parents thought they were for lazy people or what (we probably just couldn’t afford them), but we never invested in anything that would make our short beach trips more comfortable. What … Read more