Thigh Tattoo As A Plus Size Girl – My Worst Idea Ever?

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If you are a plus-size girl, you have probably heard comments about your thighs, waist, and hips from judgemental people. Covering one’s specific body parts with tattoos can be a coping mechanism. At least that’s what my mom told me.

In my mind, getting a thigh tattoo was a way to flip the bird to all of the fat-hater and tell them to eat a bag of…rocks.

But just because I did it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

So, if you’re plus size, should you consider a thigh tattoo?

At the same time, drawing attention to your body with tattoos can be a display of confidence. In either case, do thigh tattoos work for plus-size girls?

Well, here are my thoughts:

Thigh tattoos for plus-size girls are a bad idea if the tattoos are on the inner thigh because the tattoo can get deformed as the skin sags. Outer thighs aren’t affected as much by weight loss or gain and are generally considered a better tattoo spot if you’re plus-size.

In this article, we will discuss whether thigh tattoos look good on plus-size individuals and the pros and cons of both inner and outer thighs. By the end of this post, you’ll know whether you should get a thigh tattoo or not.

So let’s get started with the aesthetic aspect of thigh tattoos!

Do Thigh Tattoos Look Good on Big Thighs?

Let’s start with the fact that beauty is subjective and different people find different things attractive. However, since humans are more similar than they are different, they find more things attractive in common. This forms the culturally accepted beauty norms, which morph with time.

According to conventional beauty standards, heaviness around the hips is attractive up to a point. Though tattoos can bring attention to round hips, they can also draw attention to a muffin top or bulging waist. Since one cannot predict their weight gain in the future or the amount of weight they may lose, a thigh tattoo can be risky.

A thigh tattoo is attractive on big thighs if the bearer’s hips are sufficiently perky/toned. If the butt is “out of shape” by conventional standards, the thigh tattoos would be unattractive by the same standards.

Why Are Thigh Tattoos for Plus-size Girls a Bad Idea?

Someone who embraces being plus-sized cannot be told that she should not get a tattoo just because it is not considered attractive by the majority. People have their own preferences, after all. Still, getting a thigh tattoo can be a bad idea from a practical point of view.

Thigh tattoos can lose shape rapidly if a plus-size individual decides to lose weight. Getting a thigh tattoo is a bad idea because it can prevent one from striving to be in shape and draws attention to the most prominently out-of-shape parts.

Does that mean plus-size women should not get thigh tattoos?

Not really.

It just means that thigh tattoos are for plus-size women who have decided they never want to be slightly slimmer. And, of course, it is for women who find their own butts sufficiently attractive.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that average women across all weight brackets are insecure about their butts. So this is not even a judgment on any specific type of weight class.

Most people would not want too much attention on their hips, and for them, it would be a bad idea to get a thigh tattoo.

Where is the Best Place for a Plus-Size Girl to Get a Thigh Tattoo?

Let’s suppose you really want a thigh tattoo, and the fact that it brings attention to the center of your body doesn’t matter to you. In that case, you can get it in a place that is less likely to sag.

The best place to get a tattoo for a plus-size girl to get a thick tattoo is the other thigh.

Pros of an Outer Thigh Tattoo

  • The outer thigh doesn’t sag as much when the skin loses elasticity with weight loss or advancement in age.
  • It is also less painful to get a tattoo on the outer thigh.
  • It brings attention to the side of your leg, which can be attractive. 
  • It is relatively less painful to get making it ideal for first-timers.
  • It can be covered with everyday apparel if the need arises.
  • It can become a part of a larger mosaic as there is plenty of space on the leg.

Cons of an Outer Thigh Tattoo

  • It is prominent in shorts. A regrettable tattoo design becomes really regrettable.
  • It can draw attention to your waist, which isn’t ideal for plus-size individuals.

Pros of an Inner Thigh Tattoo

  • Inner thigh tattoos are not very prominent, so even if you regret the design, it won’t be on full display all the time. 
  • An inner thigh tattoo doesn’t bring attention to your hips or waist.

Cons of an Inner Thigh Tattoo

  • Inner thigh tattoos are relatively more painful.  
  • Inner thigh tattoos can get deformed as the skin sags due to age or weight loss.

How Do Thigh Tattoos Look on Plus-Size Women?

Thigh tattoos can look stunning on plus-size women, especially if said tattoos are on the outer thigh region. Model Tess Holiday has a tattoo on her upper thigh, towards the exterior. Her tattoo doesn’t sag and is very clear.

Tess Holiday proves that getting a thigh tattoo isn’t impossible for plus-size women and that such tattoos can look good. That said, tattoos on the inner thigh do not have the same aesthetic clarity.

Other Places To Get Tattoos if You Are Plus Size

Now that you know that thigh tattoos are in the cards, you can get one and call it a day. But if you are curious about other options to replace your thigh tattoo, or add to it, read further.


Also, on the leg but down further is the perfect canvas for a plus-size woman to get tattooed. Calves are prominent, draw attention away from the waist, and are less likely to sag if one loses weight.

Even without losing weight, the skin sags with age as it loses elasticity. However, the calves have a higher muscle ratio and are less likely to sag.


One can also get shoulder tattoos while being overweight because the tattoos do not bring attention to the waist. That said, the bearer must be confident in her face and neck before getting this specific tattoo.

How Do I Know if a Thigh Tattoo is a Good Idea?

Tattoo-vilifiers have often used regret to scare people away from getting tattoos. Since they always position it in the future tense, no one can know whether they would personally regret their tattoo. However, you can always give tattoos a trial run.

Semi-permanent tattoos like the Yazhiji Waterproof Tattoos can offer a decent way to test how you feel about wearing a thigh tattoo. How you feel can then inform your decision regarding getting a permanent one in that area.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable with this tattoo? 
  • Is the tattoo making me feel conscious or good?
  • Is the tattoo as prominent as I want it to be?

Final Thoughts

Thigh tattoos aren’t as bad of an idea for plus-size girls as it is made out to be.

Inner thigh tattoos are bad for most people, but outer thigh tattoos remain tight as one loses weight, are easy to cover up and show off, and are not as painful.

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