Should Plus-Size Women Get A Belly Button Piercing?

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One thing remains constant as we level the playing field for different weight brackets: the physical needs of plus-size and skinny people differ. And this can be evident in scenarios like body modification and piercings. Plus-size women have to think long before getting piercings in their core region.

Plus-size women should get a belly button piercing if they don’t plan to lose weight and are proud of their waists. They should not get their belly buttons pierced if they plan to lose weight because the skin consistency changes with weight loss.

In this article, you will discover four reasons not to get your belly button pierced alongside four reasons to get it. Since there are no universal answers to this, you need to carefully consider both sides to be in a better position to judge whether the features of naval piercings outweigh their liabilities for you.

Get It: If You Are Confident About Your Core

How good or bad a belly button piercing is for you depends on whether you can pull it off or not.

And the key to pulling anything off is confidence.

If you don’t feel confident about your waist, you might not want to draw attention to it with a belly button piercing. But if you love how your waist looks, you can obviously use tattoos and piercings to draw attention to it.

There are two types of plus-size women — the ones who are okay with their size and those who aren’t. Neither style is inherently wrong, but knowing your category can help you avoid disappointment.

If you’re genuinely happy with how your waist looks, then you are sure you will not do anything to lose weight. In that case, a belly button piercing is unlikely to be a liability. The case is different if you plan to lose weight.

Do Not Get It: If You Are on a Diet

If you are currently plus size but plan to lose weight eventually, your belly button piercing can start hanging as you begin losing weight. The human skin is incredibly elastic, but it takes time to snap back to its original shape.

Pregnant women must wait an entire year before their skin can stop sagging. And that skin has been stretched for just 6 to 9 months.

A plus-size woman might have retained her shape for a few years. As a consequence, there will be extra skin that hangs once the individual loses weight. This will make a naval piercing look bad.

Get It: If You Want To Make a Statement

There are plus-size women, and then there are unapologetically plus-size women. If you genuinely believe that individuals can be beautiful in all sizes and want to make a statement about it, you can use your belly button piercing to make your point.

Where obese people generally use tattoos and accessories to draw attention away from their waists, you can attract more attention to your waist with your naval piercing.

Do Not Get It: If You Get Sick Easily

A belly button piercing is unlike cartilage piercings which pretty much seal up. A naval piercing can range from being at a slight infection risk to being the equivalent of an open wound.

Reflect on your medical history and attempt to figure out how often you get sick.

Do you get skin rashes easily?

Is a naval piercing compatible with your personal hygiene, and how often do you sweat?

Complete honesty in this regard will prevent regret.

Suppose you find that your immune system might not be capable of handling an open wound in the form of a belly button piercing. In that case, you can still assume the aesthetic of the piercing.

This specific accessory uses a clip as its adhesive mechanism. There are other piercings that make use of body glue and magnets. The clip piercings look the most realistic, though. You can use these as a healthier replacement for a permanent piercing or a visual test case before getting the permanent one.

Get It: If You Want a Piercing That You Can Hide

Not everyone is equally free to wear piercings because sometimes the people who judge us for our decisions also hold power over our paychecks, sales success, and tips.

Corporate employees, school teachers, and NGO frontier workers are just a few examples of people who can get unfairly discriminated against for their piercing choices.

Some companies encourage freedom of self-expression, including getting tattoos and piercings. Others have a code of conduct that positions such acts as fireable offenses.

Whether it is judgment from prospective employers or other stakeholders that forces you to hide your piercings, having them in a place where “normal” attire would hide is the key.

A belly button piercing is conveniently hidden with a full-length shirt and easily shown off with a crop top. Ideally, this feature should appeal if you want to switch up your looks out of your free will.

If you want to look formal in some cases and easy-going in others, then a belly button piecing is perfect. But if you are hiding it out of judgment, then you might not be ready for a permanent piercing in the first place.

Do Not Get It: If You Are Afraid of Judgment

While tattoos have been largely destigmatized in our culture, some individuals still judge piercings as negative self-modifications. Most people don’t really care, but some can make hurtful remarks or assume wrong things about you.

If this matters to you, then you might not want to get piercings anywhere. Social judgment can be harsh and different people have different levels of sensitivity regarding others’ comments.

If words do hurt you, there is no need to force yourself to feel okay around negative language. It would help if you either surrounded yourself with people who would not judge you or avoided the action that would cause hurtful judgment.

Get It: If You Like a Variety

If you have more clothes in your wardrobe than you know what to do with, you probably get a kick out of mixing and matching different articles.

A belly button piercing, once healed, is a receptacle for almost any type of circular or curved piercing. This gives you plenty of options, including studs, dangling rings, and threaded rings.

Do Not Get It: If You Cannot Be Patient

Belly button piercings are less painful than other types of piercings. However, they are slow to heal. And while they are healing, you cannot engage in activities like swimming and exercise. So it can be quite limiting for a relatively extended period.

Whether you don’t possess the patience required to rest and let the belly button piercing heal or you’re unable to rest because of your work commitments, you should avoid a permanent piercing in your naval region.

Final Thoughts

Plus-size women should get a belly button piercing if they want, as long as they don’t plan on losing weight. Weight loss can cause one’s skin to sag, which can undo or elongate the piercing.

Aside from that, a naval piercing is relatively painless and can be prominent or hidden depending on one’s wardrobe choices. Overall it is a valuable piercing to get.

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