What Type of Underwear Should Fat Guys Wear (These Boxers…)

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I get it, sweats are comfortable. Most fat guys want to get home and take off their work pants as soon as possible so they can relax. Personally, I was fine with my pants but couldn’t wait to get home and take my underwear off.

It turns out that I was just dumb and wearing underwear that was a size and a half too small since I had gotten fatter and never bought more.

So now I had a dilemma, buy the same type of undies that I had been buying since my mom picked them out for me in high school, or grow up and find some underwear that was actually made for fat guys that would be more comfortable.

Tough choice.

Unfortunately, buying decent underwear is not as simple as just spending more money. I ended up buying 6 different types of boxers, even after reading a hundred Reddit threads and looking at tons of “best of” lists.

So if you’re looking for the best undies for fat guys from someone who has actually bought them (and is a fat guy) then I’m here for you.

Let’s jump into what I’ve learned.

How To Choose Boxers As A Big Guy (5 Considerations)

While the best choice will obviously vary based on personal preference and your size (I’m more a “big guy” and not so much obese) these are the things I’ve found and generally more preferable.

1. Style

It is my personal opinion that there is no reason for any type of underwear other than boxer briefs to be sold to men.

They are the most comfortable and have the most advantages compared to any other type of undies.

Boxer briefs win out because:

  • They are more comfortable than boxers
  • They reduce chaffing more than boxers or briefs
  • They provide extra “support” if you know what I mean…
  • They are more flattering for the majority of men

If you prefer a different style of underwear the rest of these points will still apply to you but I may question your sanity.

2. Fit

When it comes to the fit of a pair of boxers, there are four main areas that boxer companies struggle to get right.

So you’ll want to look for:

  • A wide waistband. Having a wide waistband is more comfortable as it distributes pressure and doesn’t dig into your skin as much, doesn’t give you an extra roll, and is less likely to roll up (especially if you have a belly).
  • A long inseam. The longer the inseam the less likely it is that the less roll up. Not to mention that you’ll have much less “chub rub”.
  • A decent “pouch”. Gotta have it. It makes things more comfortable, less sweaty, and just all around better (and more impressive looking…). Many companies have proprietary designs that will take some getting used to.
  • Butt space. The first couple of brands that I bought seemed to small as my butt crack was always sticking out. When a larger size didn’t help I figured out that they just didn’t have enough space for my ample butt and they were getting pulled down because of it. If you don’t have a flat butt, you’ll want to consider the amount of space available or you’ll need to size up and have a floppier waistband.

3. Material

In general, you have three options for underwear material: cotton, nylon, or a spandex blend. While each one has a place, most guys will be more comfortable in soft cotton boxers.

The main drawback of cotton is that it is absorbant so if you have a serious issue with sweat or smell you may want to opt for a nylon blend. Nylon (typically mesh) can be helpful if you live in a hot area but I find sitting on mesh boxers can be uncomfortable if I’m sweaty.

Spandex blends can be a great option as they typically are moisture-wicking but as they are higher compression I reserve them for the gym, sports, or other active past times.

Alternative fabrics such as merino, bamboo, nylon, and cotton blends allow for better air circulation and prevent excessive sweating but typically cost a bit more.

I’ll also mention that opting for tagless underwear is a small yet effective way to enhance comfort. Tags can often be irritating, and removing them from the equation ensures that you can focus on more important factors, like finding underwear with the perfect combination of other features!

4. End Use

What you’re doing in your boxers will also be a big deciding factor as to the style and type you choose.

Personally, I have three different types of boxers: the long-inseam ones with a wide waistband that I wear daily, a kind with a shorter inseam for wearing with short shorts (yes, I’m that fat guy), and a pack of compression boxers for exercise.

I’ve yet to find one that works great for everything without spending an arm and a leg so, if you do, let me know!


So, the cliff notes version is:

The best underwear for big guys are boxer briefs with a wide waistband, a 7-9″ inseam, a generous pouch, and a soft all-cotton construction.

The Best Boxers For Big Guys

If you want some specific options to choose from, these are the ones that I personally have bought and “tested” (meaning I wore them around). I can’t promise that they work for everyone but they’re the besting starting place for most fat guys.

1. Under Armour Men’s Tech 9-inch Boxerjock

Under Armour Men's Standard Tech 9-inch Boxerjock 2-Pack, (410) Midnight Navy / / Mod Gray Light Heather, X-Small

Under Armour’s Boxer Jock (in all of its iterations) is probably the most recommended boxer by anyone online (possibly just behind Duluth’s boxers which didn’t work for me).

However, my first package wasn’t great. As it turns out you usually need a larger size in boxers than in pants and I needed a longer inseam as they kept rolling up on my legs.

After I sized up and got the 9″ leg I was very happy with these boxers and ended up replacing my entire undie stock with them.

However, it wasn’t until I had tried several others and found them all lacking.

Here are the things that brought me back to these and helped me crown them as the best boxers for big guys:

  • The waistband is wider than average and stays totally flat. If you have a very large belly it may roll but I’m not sure there’s an option that won’t.
  • The 9″ inseam was a lifesaver against chub rub. If you’re not tall you may want to go for the 5″ or 7″ inseam but I found the long ones to be perfect. They’re also not overly long so I can wear them with most shorts without showing the world my boxers.
  • The “pouch” has given me no issues. It’s not really an unusual or proprietary design but it just works.
  • The 100% polyester construction turned out to be much better than I expected for sweat and maintaining their shape and structure long-term.

The main drawback here will come if you live in a very hot climate as they are not quite as cooling as I would hope but it hasn’t actually caused me any issues.

So get a couple of pair and you’ll thank me! Just be sure it’s from somewhere you can return or exchange them until you get the size dialed in…

2. Hanes Total Support Pouch Long Leg Boxer Briefs

Hanes Total Support Pouch Men's Boxer Briefs Pack, Anti-Chafing, Moisture-Wicking Underwear, Odor Control (Reg or Long Leg)

If you need a slightly cheaper option (or just want to have backups for sweaty days) then Hanes actually provides a solid option.

I’ll admit I was hoping for something a bit more “high-end” when I was looking for boxers. I was willing to splurge if it meant more comfort but it turned out to be unnecessary.

The Hanes Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs offer excellent comfort and function. They’re made from a blend of recycled polyester, TENCEL Lyocell, and spandex, which is both soft and long-lasting.

They also offer impressive breathability and moisture-wicking, and the pouch design prevents chafing.

The main drawback here is that they’re only available in sizes up to 3XL but that was enough for me and I figure that, for most big guys, it will be sufficient. The ones that I had before deciding on the Under Armour boxers instead fit pretty true to size.

3. SAXX QUEST Quick Dry Mesh

SAXX Men's Underwear – QUEST Quick Dry Mesh Long Leg Fly Boxer Briefs with Built-In Pouch Support – Longer Underwear for Men, Black II, X-Small

If you really feel like splurging, SAXX has several great options and the Quest was my favorite type that I tried.

I would place them right there with the Boxerjock in terms of comfort, support, and every other good thing. They only lost out on cost.

Since they cost more than twice as much (Under Armour boxers can easily be found on sale) it was a bit of a stretch for me to justify filling my drawer with them.

So, if your manhood is worth any price and you want a bit more sweat control than Under Armour can provide, these are probably your best choice.

Some Other Options And My Opinion After Trying Them…

Lululemon. I ended up buying a pack of three Lululemon Always In Motion Long Boxer (7″ inseam) and quite liked them. The cost ($74+shipping for three is the retail price) is a bit of a downer and the construction really didn’t feel like it would last for the period of time I demand from my boxers (a couple of years at least…)

Duluth. Even though Duluth has several styles and a good array of sizes none of them seemed that great for my body type. From what I’ve gathered the Duluth boxers from previous generations were better and lasted longer than the ones that are currently being made. I’d pass on these.

New Balance, Fruit of the Loom, and Spyder. I know this seems like an odd combination of brands but I went on an underwear-buying spree at Ross and those are what I ended up with. All of them suffered from the same issues: not enough butt space, a waistband that was too thin and rolled down, and an insufficient inseam that left my thighs chafing.

The Worst Boxers For Big Guys (Things To Avoid)

First off, sorry to disappoint but I’m not going to call out any specific brand for being the worst underwear for fat guys (although it would be some sort of briefs…).

I think that underwear, like shoes, typically has such polarizing reviews not because they’re good or bad, but because underwear doesn’t work for every body shape and activity level.

So what’s great for me might not be for someone else.

However, here are the things that will make a pair of boxers absolutely terrible for everyone.

First off, tight underwear should be avoided as it can lead to chafing, restricted blood flow, and skin irritation. For optimal comfort and to prevent potential health issues, opt for underwear that offers a snug, but not constricting, fit around the waist and thighs. This is more of a size thing than anything but, if in doubt, size up.

Uncomfortable materials can contribute to a less-than-pleasant experience, especially for larger guys. Materials like polyester or nylon can sometimes trap heat and moisture, causing sweating and discomfort. Instead, look for materials like cotton or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, which can help keep you cool and dry.

Some underwear comes with tags that might be irritating or uncomfortable, particularly for guys with extra weight around their waist who might experience the tag digging into their skin. It’s worth seeking out underwear with tag-free labels or at least those with tags that can be easily removed.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for certain design elements that could be problematic for larger guys. For example, overly narrow waistbands can dig into the skin, causing discomfort and leaving marks. When possible, opt for underwear with wider waistbands to help distribute pressure more evenly.


When it comes to finding the best underwear for fat guys, comfort and proper fit are essential, if fact, I’d say they’re the most important thing. Since there aren’t many options that specifically target big guys you’ll want to get your boxers from somewhere that accepts returns.

So buy a bunch (the ones above will expedite your journey) and see what works for you. If there’s a brand that I missed that is great for fat guys like myself, let me know and I’ll try them out! After all, who doesn’t love getting underwear recommendations from fat guys on the internet?

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