Why Do Fat Guys Have Beards? (The 5 Main Reasons)

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Beards have been on-trend ever since superheroes like Aquaman and mythical heroes like King Leonidas started sporting them on-screen. But fat people have been growing beards long before Zack Snyder made beards sexy.

In fact, it’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing a fat guy sporting a beard. Why is it that every fat guy feels the need to grow a beard? Do they fancy looking like a lumberjacket? Well, maybe. But it turns out that there are actually several good reasons for fat guys to grow facial hair.

Fat guys have beards because facial hair can hide a double chin, create the impression of a strong jaw, and make one look more masculine. Beards also emphasize facial symmetry and elongate the face, making fat people more attractive to themselves and others.

In this article, we will look at each reason in detail and discuss how you can make the most of growing a beard. Included are tips that can help you give the impression of more strength, facial symmetry, and attractive masculine energy.

5 Reasons That Fat Guys Have Beards

1. Beards Create A Jawline

The jawline is considered an attractive trait in a man. It is mainly because emphasized cheekbones show clear symmetry, which humans generally find attractive.

The reason behind a jawline’s attractiveness doesn’t matter as much as the fact that a sharp jaw is generally appealing. Jawlines aren’t inherently strong across all males – those who hit the genetic jackpot get the best-looking jawline.

Fat guys are at a disadvantage even when they have a naturally sharp jaw because a layer of fat covers the jaw. But if one grows a beard, it can cover the lack of jawline while creating an artificially-defined border under his face. This results in the illusion of a strong jaw.

However, growing a beard is not the only way to get a strong jawline. You can use plenty of exercises and accessories to improve your jaw definition.

If you’re serious about getting a more chiseled face, there are jaw exercises that you can try to get more definition. While there is an upper limit to the difference such tools make, they can result in a visible change if you don’t have a lot of face fat.

2. Beards Emphasize (or fix) Facial Symmetry

We take our faces’ symmetry for granted. Because we grow up with the face we have, it seems “normal” to us.

While there’s nothing wrong with the average face, the symmetry of most faces is slightly off. The more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive it is. The degree of symmetry and asymmetry are both lost on the conscious mind.

A beard unintentionally creates symmetry because it is usually cut to be uniform. That’s why patchy beards are considered unappealing.

Pro Tip: If you have a patchy beard, you should invest in a brow pencil, which helps cover up empty hairless patches.

When you use it to cover up empty patches, it is best to grow your beard beyond a thick trim as the cover-up becomes less evident with a fully-grown beard.

Ultimately, you should look in the mirror and judge the length you like. Fat guys grow full beards because they find themselves attractive with a beard.

But what they do not know is that they’re increasing the symmetry, resulting in said attraction. For an asymmetrical beard, you need to trim it accurately. Look into a beard tracer pencil, a white color pencil that you can use to outline where to shave. This can improve the overall symmetry.

3. Beards Can Hide A Double Chin

Most fat guys grow their beards because they like how they look in a beard. But the process of producing the beard starts with wanting to hide a double chin.

Just like a strong jaw appeals to women, a double chin can result in judgment and rejection from them.

While only superficial people make dating decisions based on a double-chin, it is enough to make fat people conscious early on, which results in the initial bread-growing stage.

Later on, they realize that not only does a beard hide what is judged as unattractive, but it also makes their overall appearance far more attractive.

4. Beards Draw Attention Away From Their Figure

The initial motivation for beard growth is rooted in insecurity.

While hiding the double chin is the primary reason for most fat people, a secondary reason is that the beard draws attention away from their figure. This is an unhealthy rationale to grow a beard, but it works.

People are more likely to focus on his face when someone has a full beard. Drawing attention to your face is good if you don’t do so because you’re ashamed of your body. Remember that those who make you insecure about your body aren’t people you want to hang out with anyway.

5. It Has a Masculine Effect

Finally, fat guys have beards because they like the manly appearance of having a beard, and their body fat has nothing to do with it.

In other words, they are just men who like to grow beards but happen to be fat. This is true for most self-assured fat guys who don’t change their facial hair to please others. For them, it is all about how they feel when they look in the mirror.

A decent beard can make you feel attractive, hot even, and quite manly. It is also seen by others as manly, which can translate to an assumption of strength.

If you grow a full beard, you can go from being “fat” to being perceived as “strong.” Again, this should not be the primary motivation behind your beard.

If you do not like how you look with a beard, it might be because your beard is not straight. Sometimes, the beard can go in all directions and make your face look fat. Using a beard-straightening brush can help you bring the hair under control, allowing you to shape it better.

Recap: Why Fat Guys Have Beards

The most common reasons why fat guys have beards:

  • Facial hair can hide a double chin
  • Create the impression of a strong jaw
  • Make one look more masculine
  • Emphasize facial symmetry making fat people more attractive to themselves and others

All reasons aside, fat guys have beards because they feel good with a beard. You should try growing a beard and seeing for yourself. It is possible that you might not like the new style.

Remember to base your decision entirely on how you feel because whether you have a beard or not, there are plenty of people out there who will find you attractive.

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