Do Guys (Actually) Like Plus Size Girls? (In Relationships)

It seems like everywhere I turn I see magazine articles and TV spots pushing body positivity and “new standards of attractiveness.” Until you come to the ads. All of these brands seem to be making their plus-size clothes in the seedy back workshop and still pushing only skinny, traditionally attractive, girls (and guys) to the …

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Why Do Couples Get Fat Together? (Especially After Marriage)

If you’ve recently moved in with your partner and are living together, you’ll notice many changes. Usually, these changes are welcome and pleasant until they affect your waistline. But it seems like you can’t even vent to your partner because their clothes are getting tighter as well. There are literally thousands of memes and jokes …

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The 4 Best Heavy Duty Hammocks For Big and Heavy People

The average weight in the U.S., in particular, has increased steadily, and now, with 73.7% of men (including me) considered overweight or obese, why has a truly heavy-duty hammock been so long in the making?! Well actually, high-capacity hammocks have always been there. There were just never marketed directly to us big guys and plus-size …

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