Best Chair Mat For Heavy Person (up to 1000lbs)

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Few things are more frustrating than a crusty yellow chair mat. You know the kind. You probably first rolled around on one in elementary school and they’ve been at every place you’ve worked. Chair mats yellow and crack so quickly that there have been long stretches of time when I have actually set my rolling office chair right on the carpet. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great option, and it is even worse if you have a hardwood floor that is easily scratched!

I have seen “heavy-duty” chair mats that cost as much as a basic office chair that cracked within a few months of normal use. The problem is, ff your rolling mat at work cracks, your boss probably isn’t going to think that it’s worth company time and money to replace. He doesn’t have to try and roll around on it, after all.

If you are a heavy person or need a floor mat for home or work, here’s a secret, stop buying plastic or vinyl mats. They are not going to cut it. There are mats out there there that claim to be different and higher quality but the main flaw is in their very material. Vinyl just isn’t made to support large amounts of weight over time.

Also, a rolling chair has such a small footprint that you place a great deal of force in a small area, which will cause the vinyl to flex and eventually crack. If you have a low pile carpet, there are vinyl options such as Marvelux (find on Amazon) which people claim will last you a year (or more), but there is a better option!

The Best Chair Mat For Heavy Person

Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat with Beveled Edge, 44" x 50", 1/4" Thick Clear Tempered Glass with Easy Roll Beveled Edges | Protect Your Home or Office Floor

Clearly Innovative offers the most innovative (obviously) and heavy duty glass mat that I know of. They are they only company that offers a full 1″ beveled edge on their mats which, you might not know, is a big deal. Without a beveled edge you have a very weak link in your mat. If you roll on the edge of a non-beveled mat it will not only be jarring but can actually crack the glass. This mat will not bend or bend and allows you to easily roll onto and off of the mat no matter what kind of wheels your chair has.

Unlike a nylon mat, this mat will last forever and is a great option for anyone no matter the type of floor they have. And when I say anyone, I mean it. It is rated to hold over 1,000 pounds which is twice what my heavy-duty computer chair will hold!

As an added bonus, it doesn’t slide around like a regular mat but is held in place by its weight (yes, it’s super heavy).

If you are a big guy (or gal), do yourself a favor and ditch the crappy plastic mat that has been bothering you and invest in this mat which will last for many, many years. Just be sure that, if you’re going to spend the money, going with Clearly Innovative as they offer as their mat is warrantied for life!

How To Install A Glass Floor Mat

You would think that installing something as heavy-duty as a glass mat would be an easy task, right? Because it should be bullet proof….right? Well, in general, you’re right. But the one thing that can kill your mat faster than you can say, “crack” is dirt/debris underneath it. While your mat can withstand 1000 lbs in a chair, a small pebble underneath can lead to its premature death.

So, if you are installing it on a carpeted floor, make sure you vacuum well and be sure there is nothing stuck in the carpet. On a hardwood floor, be sure to sweep and then use a wet mop to remove dust and any little bits you may have missed. After that, it’s just a matter of getting some help (these are heavy) and lowering it to the ground.

So whether you’re a big and tall guy, a plus-size woman, or simply a lover of nice things, go get yourself a glass mat. Seriously, they are the best chair mat for a heavy person – by far. And if you need an awesome new heavy-duty office chair to go with it, we did that test and wrote that review too!

Why wouldn’t you want a glass mat?

While I firmly believe that a glass mat is the best option for big guys, there are a few reasons why they’re probably not for everyone. Namely:

  • They’re expensive. There is no arguing with this. A large, high-quality piece of glass is going to be more expensive than a piece of plastic. You’ll need to weigh the options and decide if it will actually save you money in the long run when you have to replace a crappy mat every couple of years. Also, if you don’t need a large glass mat and can get by with a smaller option, Lorell offers a great option which you can find here on Amazon.
  • You’ve upgraded your chair to high tech roller blade style wheels. Rollerblade wheels are typically meant for vinyl mats, which have more rolling resistance and traction. While regular caster style wheels work perfectly on glass, roller blade wheels tend to either lock up or not spin around as well.

I know that those two issues really only apply to a select group of people but I would have for you to get a product you don’t love! So, if you’ve made it this far, you should probably take it as a sign that you need a heavy-duty chair mat. So go check it out. You’ll thank me later.

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