The 3 Best Toilets for Big and Heavy People

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I grew up in a manufactured home on a 3 generation family farm. There were a lot of great things about growing up where I did but our bathroom situation was not one of them. When my parents ordered our home they sat down with the builder, went through the catalog, and discussed each option and upgrade. Nice things were obviously more expensive so we didn’t end up with many nice things.

One upgrade that my parents passed on was a toilet meant for big and heavy people. Actually, they seem to have passed on having a normal-sized toilet at all. We had two bathrooms and the toilet in each one seemed, to me, to be a jr. model. They were so ridiculous that my grandparents would visit until they needed to go to the bathroom and then head home. Anyone who was heavy (like my parents…) or had mobility issues had a very difficult time sitting on and getting up from those terrible toilets.

When I built my own house (no longer on the farm) I knew that that situation had to be rectified. I looked for and bought toilets specially meant for obese people. While I’m not the biggest guy out there, I knew that a toilet specifically built for plus size people would be taller, more comfortable, and longer-lasting.

Toilets for Heavy People? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. If you’re here you’re probably already aware that you need a special toilet. If, however, you stumbled onto this page by accident and just decided to read about toilets, this about this: breaking a couch or chair is not unusual as a big and heavy person. Now, what if the chair you broke was difficult to replace, had the potential to leak water (and other stuff) everywhere and ruin your floor/house, could crack into sharp shards, and render your house useless because you’d have to drive to the store to poop. You need a heavy-duty toilet.

What is the weight capacity of a toilet?

This is a very good question, but perhaps the wrong question to ask as the answer could lead you to make a poor decision. But here’s the answer to the question:

The weight capacity of a toilet depends on toilet type, material, mounting style, and manufacturer. Floor mounted toilets are typically rated for a static 1,000lbs while wall-mounted toilets vary from 500-800lbs.

However, the high weight capacity is only one reason to buy a heavy-duty toilet. They also tend to be more suited to large people in other ways. They are a more comfortable height, width, etc.

So what makes a great toilet for big and heavy people?

If you’re a big and heavy person who is in the market for a toilet, your options are going to be a bit limited. If you are above 600lbs I would recommend that you stick to a floor-mounted toilet. They are easier to install and will likely be more durable in the long run. From my research and experience, there are 5 things that, in my opinion, will ensure that you pick a toilet that will be suitable for your weight.

Weight Capacity: In terms of safety and longevity, weight capacity should be one of the most important determining factors in your choice of toilets. However, you cannot simply be content with a toilet that is at or close to your weight. Weight ratings for toilets (and most other things) are given as “static weight” meaning that they can hold that weight with no movement and no momentum. When you sit down, you can briefly exert 1.5-2x your weight on the seat. So get a toilet that gives you a comfortable buffer on weight capacity.

Seat Height: Seat height is important in heavy-duty toilets for two reasons. Firstly, have a toilet seat of the correct height will mean that you can sit on it more gently rather than simply “dropping” down onto the toilet and exceeding its weight capacity. Secondly, comfort. It is much more comfortable to sit on a toilet of adequate height and easier to stand up when you’re done.

If you are looking for a toilet for big and tall people, consider holding out for a seat height of at least 17″ to avoid feeling cramped. If you want a more precise measurement you can measure your existing toilet to get an idea of what level would be comfortable for you but, for reference, an average toilet is 15″ tall to the seat.

Bowl Width/Size: When I was testing heavy-duty camp chairs I was astounded to find that there are 800lb capacity camp chairs that have the same width as a normal chair. Do you really think if I could fit in a normal chair I’d be so interested in finding another option?! The same applies to toilets. While a good portion of the comfort from a toilet actually comes from the seat, not the bowl, having a large bowl with a wider shape means that you can get a correspondingly larger toilet seat that supports your larger rear end.

Toilet Mountain Style: It’s no surprise that a floor-mounted toilet is the strongest option. Other than choosing a floor mounted option, be aware that other styles of toilets, such as bidets, are often more complex and built with more aesthetic function in mind than strength. Your best bet for a high weight capacity is to stick to a large basic toilet.

End-Use: If you’ve read about my struggles (and eventual triumph) looking for heavy-duty dining chairs you’ll know that I am a huge fan of buying commercial items for home use. Believe me, the toilets at Walmart don’t get broken because they’re made to hold literally any customer that can come into the store. Commercial toilets can look very similar to toilets designed for the consumer market but are often reinforced and use higher quality materials.

If you’ve got those things down, personal preference is the last item that comes in to play. Now, if you are expecting to find a mint green or gold toilet with a high weight capacity you’re going to be disappointed. So temper your expectations and let’s look at the 4 best toilets for heavy people that I found:

Best Toilet for Big and Heavy People: KOHLER K-3589-95

KOHLER K-3589-95 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet with AquaPiston Technology, Less Seat, Ice Grey

Kohler was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of home and plumbing goods in the United States. To give some perspective, it wasn’t until that same time that toilets had gained popularity in the United States. So Kohler has been there since the beginning and has learned a thing or two.

One of the main appeals of a Kohler toilet is that they are one of the few manufacturers who actually test and give a weight limit for their porcelain thrones. They certify that their ceramic toilets will hold “1000 vertical pounds” while most toilet-makers shy away from the question altogether and simply state that they “meet industry standards.”

This toilet is a prime example of what makes a Kohler toilet perfect for fat people:

  • The elongated bowl offers additional comfort over a traditional round-bowl toilet while taking up less space side to side.
  • The canister type flushing mechanism which Kohler has dubbed the “AquaPiston” is both more efficient and powerful at getting rid of waste than an old-school flapper type of toilet. This built also results in significantly less leaking which means you won’t have to listen to your toilet running to fill up the bowl at odd times.
  • Several color options make this an easy fit for any home or decoration style.
  • The toilet is specifically made to be a comfortable height for sitting while also making it easier to sit and stand.

At the end of the day, I firmly believe that this toilet is an excellent option for a heavy person. If the style is in keeping with your personal preference, you really can’t go wrong!

The Best Budget Kohler Toilet for Heavy People

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Class Five Flushing Technology And Left-hand Trip Lever, Seat Not Included, White

This toilet is very similar to our top recommendation but I included it because it is a more budget-friendly option with very similar features. It has a very similar height, the same flushing mechanism, and several color options.

As with all Kohler toilets make of vitreous ceramic it sports a 1,000lb capacity which is sufficient for all but the heaviest of users.

So if you want a Kohler but need to save a few bucks, this is a great option!

HIghest Capacity Toilet For Home Use

American Standard 3641.001.020 Right Width Right Height Flush Valve Elongated Bowl, White

I mentioned above that I think that commercial toilets are an excellent option for overweight people and this one is an excellent example.

While commercial toilets are not “plug-and-play” in most homes they do provide an option for people over the weight limit of a traditional toilet to enjoy some security when going to the bathroom.

If you want to use a toilet like this, be sure to talk to your plumber first as they are not compatible with a regular tank-type setup and typically need a 1″ line running from the main supply.

With that being said, this toilet supports a full 2,000lbs, more than enough to support any human alive! It also comes with the added benefit of allowing you to choose a sensor flush or handle type flush which is seen above (separate purchase).

So if you need this weight capacity, you need this toilet!

Two Other Things To Consider

First off, let me say that you should not be afraid of buying a toilet online. Companies have been shipping toilets since the dawn of time and know-how to properly package and ship them. However, if you do choose to buy online rather than in person there are a couple of things you should consider:

One-piece vs. Two-piece: If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about here, just get a two-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets have a tank that is not a single piece with the bowl. They are easier to ship, easier to move, and easier to install.

Rough-in Measurement: If you are handy enough to install a toilet yourself (which you probably are) then be sure to take a rough-in measurement before orderings your new heavy-duty toilet, especially if you live in an older house. The rough-in measurement is taken from the back of the bowl to the wall (not the baseboard). The standard measurement is 12″ so unless your measurement is significantly different you can buy just about any toilet on the market.


At the end of the day, getting the proper toilet for a big and heavy person is necessary but not really that difficult. Kohler has such a complete line of option that, unless you want something unusual, you can pick just about anything in their line-up and it will be sufficient for you needs. Best of luck!

Oh and if you want to see how easy it is to install our #1 recommendation, check out this video! This guy is a bit more professional than I but I have installed a fair few toilets myself.

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