How Do Fat People Wipe Themselves? (3 Most Common Solutions)

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Fat shamers often justify their bullying by convincing themselves that they are helping fat people. In reality, they have no idea how difficult life is for fat people when everything is already a challenge, including an act as simple as wiping.

So, how do fat people wipe themselves? Fat people wipe themselves with an extension tool or a bidet. In rare instances, obese people need a caregiver to help with wiping. Overweight people who don’t know about extension tools shower to clean themselves.

Many people think that fat people simply don’t wipe themselves, especially with the prevalent stereotype that fat people stink worse than skinny people. However, it’s simply not true. With such a large percentage of the global population in “obese” territory, there have been several methods figured out for big people to get clean.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about wiping if you are fat, including the actual cause of the issue and three possible solutions for it. You will also learn the pros and cons of each option and what you must remember to avoid self-shaming. Let’s start by addressing the cause of the issue.

Why Do Fat People Have Problems Wiping Themselves?

Fat people don’t usually have issues with wiping, but if they cross a threshold of obesity, their belly fat can block the commode opening, making it harder for their hand to reach the spot. it also becomes much more difficult to reach any other way as well.

People erroneously think that fat people have trouble wiping because their hand does not reach past their groin. That’s not usually the case because the space between the commode opening and their waist is the problem.

You should pay attention to this because if the trouble is in the opening and not the obese person’s physicality, it means not every fat person needs a caregiver to wipe their bum. The greatest evidence of the problem being the commode opening is the existence of wiping tools that can fit into the opening of the commode after a fat person sits.

To make sure you can wipe yourself without human support, squat and try to reach past your groin with your hand. You should reach in the same path slim people take to wipe. If you can reach the spot while squatting in the absence of the toilet seat, the problem is that the toilet seat you currently use is just not fit for your current size.

Do You Need a Wider Toilet Seat If You Are Fat?

If you’re having trouble wiping, an extra-wide toilet seat is a good place to start. You likely don’t need to go to the expense of installing a complete high-capacity toilet but it is an option that helps many people.

Wider toilet seats are designed for plus-size customers and can carry more weight. But it is an investment that is by no means necessary.

How to Wipe Yourself When You Are Fat? (3 Options)

To wipe yourself when you are fat, you can use an extension tool like the bottom buddy or a bidet with a higher pressure stream.

It is also possible to use a squat toilet, but that isn’t as easy to carry around, and not every bathroom has one.

1. Use an Extension Tool

Since the problem is in reaching the area that needs to be wiped, you can use an extension tool with your regular toilet to wipe more easily.

The tool is better than most long-reaching wiping aids because it has a curve that assists the friction needed to wipe properly. It also has a wide range of motion and comes in different lengths. Its toilet paper holding grip is quite strong.

Many also comes with a discrete carry bag which means that those with limited mobility can carry it with them to work or when out and about.

I like the 11″ size but be sure, when buying, to select the right size or you might not be able to reach, even with an extension

2. Use a Bidet

This model is (by far) the best toilet seat attachment for fat people because it automates cleaning without requiring too many adjustments. Where a wiping buddy can feel awkward and embarrassing, especially when you have guests over, bidets have gotten normalized.

Two of the best bidet features are its adjustability and ease of installation. Being able to adjust the angle of the water sprayer means you don’t have to have a ‘conventional’ size to make use of the bidet. And adjusting water pressure means you can increase the pressure to the point where the water properly wipes away all that needs to be wiped away.

The disadvantage of exclusively relying on a bidet is that you cannot use it when visiting a friend’s house. To offset that, you can simply have a wiping aid as a backup.

A bidet’s ease of installation is helpful because not everyone has the support of a helping hand. Handymen can be hard to find and expensive. The fact that you can install the bidet yourself after watching the accompanying video is promising if you are on a tight budget.

3. Use a Wider Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Open Front with Cover Bariatric Toilet Seat, White

We have already discussed wider toilet seats earlier. These can allow you to wipe by creating a bigger opening, especially if they have an open front.

Here’s a pro tip: get a commercial toilet seat. I advise big and heavy people to buy commercial-standard products for everything from dining room chairs to treadmills as they are made to support much more weight.

Now, if you can squat in an open space and reach past your groin, this can be a helpful, albeit expensive, solution.

Its advantage is that it feels normal as it adjusts the traditional seat to plus size. The main drawback is that there is no guarantee you can wipe yourself after installing it.

How to Avoid Shame When Wiping Is Hard

Having covered the three solutions to wiping yourself as a fat person, let’s go over the most crucial aspect: self-esteem.

Just because you need special tools for your circumstances does not mean you must be embarrassed.

Do people feel guilty about needing to turn the lights on in their houses or apartments?


When the nature of sunlight and artificial construction makes it hard for us to see inside our apartments, we use technology. Your special circumstance requires the use of specific technology. Humans have used tools for over a quarter of a million years. What you are doing is not unnatural.

Conclusion: How do Fat People Wipe?

Fat people wipe themselves by offsetting the physical limits of their arm’s reach. This can be done with a bidet, a wiping aid, or with help from another person.

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