The Best Plus Size Patio Furniture for Heavy People in 2020

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Despite being very well off, my grandpa has had the same furniture on his patio for over 40 years. His kids have given him new patio furniture which has come on and gone but the same few items have been there since before I can remember.

During that time, the chairs and the swing frame have been repainted at least 4 times (white, blue, red, and rust…). So why does he keep them around? Well, because they simply won’t die. They just outlast everything else that comes along. New “heavy duty patio chairs” come in, last a few seasons, and are tossed, while they original chairs sit there in all their multi-colored glory.

Finding furniture like that can be hard. Finding proper plus size patio furniture that is also comfortable and looks great is even harder. Well, luckily for you, my wife and I had to go through this exact journey this year. We spent hours looking at Big Lots, Home Depot, local furniture stores (and even Walmart) to find some plus size patio furniture that would support our weight.

Long story short, we failed. Despite the number of overweight people in the US today, you will still be hard-pressed to find any sort of chair with a high weight capacity at a local store. So we took to the online world, read thousands of reviews (literally), asked manufacturers about materials and weight capacities, and ended up with just a handful of choices left. Here are the few that made the cut:

Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture for Heavy Weight

If you’re in the market for plus size patio furniture, you’re probably aware of the ridiculous number of types of furniture there are, let along the materials they use to make them.

In general, however, any furniture that is considered heavy duty will have a few commonalities. Since the typical patio chair has a weight capacity of 200-250 pounds, if you’re a big guy or plus size in any way, you’ll want to be sure that all of the following apply to any furniture you buy:

Metal frame: The strongest patio chair would be one that is made from one solid piece of aluminum. It wouldn’t rust, it would look modern, and it could be lightweight while remaining incredibly strong. Since such a chair is impossible to find, we have to look for the next best thing. Stick to patio furniture that is either made of metal (preferably aluminum) or has a significant metal frame (for example, wicker over metal. If metal isn’t an option, look for all-wood construction. Avoid anything with an all-fabric back or seat as these don’t have a high weight capacity and typically don’t weather well (especially in the sun).

Few bolts or screws: The majority of failures that happen with patio furniture occur because the bolts or screws break, twist, or pull out. The fewer such connections there are, the fewer failure points your furniture will have.

A stated weight capacity from the manufacturer: If a manufacturer doesn’t specifically state that their outdoor furniture has a high weight capacity, it probably doesn’t. High capacity furniture is built specifically for that reason and it is nearly always mentioned as a selling point.

Firm padding: Squishy fluffy padding may be a bit more comfortable to start off with, but use and exposure to the elements break down the foam and it will not have any sort of durability. Firm cushions typically soften within a few months of use, meaning they will be comfortable while still maintaining their shape and integrity.

Durable Fabric or Wicker: If your patio furniture is going to exposed to the sun you’ll need to get a cover, remove the cushions when you’re not using them, or just accept that the blazing might of the day-star is eventually going to have its way with the cushions and fabric. The more water and UV-resistant that a cushion (umbrella, canopy, etc.) is, the longer it is going to last.

If you stick to the above options, you’re probably going to do well with picking out some patio furniture suitable for plus size people. However, you’ll be surprised at how hard it is to find something that meets all of those criteria.

The Best Plus Size Patio Furniture: 3 Options

The Best Plus Size Outdoor Furniture Set

SunHaven 7 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set - for Patio, Deck, Garden and Outdoor Dining - Features Thick Cushions, Gray Wicker Rattan and Weather Resistance (7 Piece Loveseat Set)

The motto of SunHaven’s Founder is simple, “If I don’t feel excited about having this furniture in my own backyard, I wouldn’t feel comfortable placing it in your backyard!”

This beautiful set in a perfect example of that. While not specifically marketed to heavy people, this set ticks all the boxes for great plus size furniture. These pieces have an aluminum frame covered by wicker, firm cushions, and durable fabric that is resistant to rain, sun, and big rear ends.

The main drawback to this set is that, while it is a beautiful and comfortable patio set, it is not really made for lounging. It is plenty comfortable for nights on the deck, houseboat, around the fire, etc. but if you are looking for something to sleep in, it might not be for you.

All of the pieces in the set above are available separately if you’re trying to save money or have less space. On the other hand, if you have tons of space you can get a set that has up to 12 pieces included (the pictured option is 7).

The Best Plus Size Patio Set for Occasional Use

Oakmont 5Pcs(6 Seats) Outdoor Metal Furniture Sets Patio Conversation Set Glider, 2 Single Chairs, Loveseat and Coffee Table, Wrought Iron Look, Peacock Blue

If you are on a budget and still want strong and attractive outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered there too. Oakmont provides this amazing 5 piece set (provides 6 seats and a table) for less than something of similar quality at any discount store. Not to mention the fact that they’ll ship it right to your door so you don’t even need a truck to pick it up!

This single chair support only 250 pounds (enough for my wife, not enough for me…) but there is seating I can use as both the bench and the glider and wide enough for extra-large comfort while boasting a high weight capacity of 500 pounds!

The metal frames are topped off with olefin cushions that provide an excellent amount of cushioning. Several users found that the cushions were a little hard for their taste but, if you’re big and heavy, you’ll find that they loosen up and get more comfortable within a matter of a few weeks. So if you want plus size patio furniture and don’t want to break the bank, this set is for you!

The Best Heavy Duty Patio Swing with Canopy

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame, Adjustable Tilt Canopy, Cushions and Pillow Included, Beige

I can’t imagine a properly set-up patio (or yard for that matter) that doesn’t include a great swing. Heavy-duty swings are much harder to come by than heavy duty patio chairs and, if you do find one, the cost is almost always prohibitive. Not so here!

This heavy-duty patio swing (with a canopy) can support over 600 pounds!

The main drawback here is one that is easily remedied. The designer seems to have spent his entire development budget on the robust frame and canopy and forgot that they needed some space leftover in the budget for great cushions. The includes ones are passable and will last a season or two but most users find them thin and uncomfortable. If you plan on keeping the swing for years to come (which you should, it’s that nice) then you’ll probably want to invest in some thicker and more durable cushions.

Patio Chairs for Heavy People

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 881 lb. Capacity Black Sled Base Stack Chair with Air-Vent Back

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 881 lb. Capacity Blue Sled Base Stack Chair with Air-Vent Back

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 881 lb. Capacity Orange Sled Base Stack Chair with Air-Vent Back

If none of the above options have the needed capacity for you or your guests, we might have to think a little bit out of the box. Patio chairs for fat people are hard to come by for two reasons: they have too low of capacity, and the seating area is too narrow for plus size comfort.

If you are willing to be a bit unconventional, there are several options for “patio-like” furniture that will give you the capacity and seating space that you need.

Flash Furniture is well known for it’s Hercules line which provides super-strong seating to both households and commercial projects. These chairs may look spindly but their incredible engineering and high-quality materials means that they are rated for up to 881 pounds!

While they aren’t the most lounge-worthy patio chairs in the world, their comfort can be increased relatively easily by adding some tie-on cushions. If I were in need of a chair with this capacity, I would get these chairs for my outdoor table and acquire a plus size rocking chair for after-dinner lounging.

These chairs would also be an awesome choice for a wedding or outdoor function where you think that heavy-duty seating might be required.


In the end, finding the best outdoor patio furniture for heavyweight people wasn’t so much a problem of availability but just a huge time commitment. Wading through thousands of reviews and sitting on lots of local patio furniture wasn’t the funnest thing I’ve done but I hope it was helpful for you!

My wife and I ended up going with the smallest option above as anything bigger would have been ridiculous on our tiny cement patio. We love it so far and have not had any issues with it! So quick, order what you want before the season comes to an end!

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