The 5 Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Rocking Chairs for Big People

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a rocking chair on your porch. Unless, of course, your rocking chair experience is accompanied by creaks, groans, and the imminent prospect of your rocking chair collapsing and possibly impaling your leg with a shard of wood. The best outdoor rocking chairs are designed in a … Read more

The 4 Best High Capacity Bathroom Scales for Obese People

“Oh you’ve been dieting? How much weight have you lost….?” “Well, I don’t know. I’m still to fat to see the numbers on my bathroom scale…” “Wait…they don’t make scales for obese people?” Weighing yourself when you’re big and heavy can be a serious challenge. The problem is, if you can’t weigh yourself, it’s extremely … Read more