What Is Considered Plus Size? Size 10? 12? 14?

Shopping can be tricky when you don’t fit society’s mold of acceptable size. Unfortunately, the archaic tolerance of larger sizes alongside the general increase in the average waist size creates a contradiction where most shoppers find it hard to shop for products that fit their bodies. Sizes 18 and over are considered plus size, while …

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Do Plus Size Models Work Out? (And How Much?)

The days of starving to have a “model bod” are history as the modeling industry becomes more size-inclusive. At least I hope they are. Learning to love your body as it is is will be one of the best things anyone can do in their life. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just accept …

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Why Do Fat Guys Have Beards? (The 5 Main Reasons)

Beards have been on-trend ever since superheroes like Aquaman and mythical heroes like King Leonidas started sporting them on-screen. But fat people have been growing beards long before Zack Snyder made beards sexy. In fact, it’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing a fat guy sporting a beard. Why is it that every …

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